What – another dev blog?

I know, I know: the world really doesn’t need another dev blog.

But I need this dev blog. Weeks of torturous coding, designing, CSSing, Ajaxing and testing are taking thier toll and I need to shout out. So here I am, itty bitty Tara shouting into the wide world of WordPress… what’s that, an echo I hear?

Nonetheless, here’s what’s being deved around here (geez, that’s corny):

PassPack.com (beta) Logo
PassPack, an Online Password Manager


The project started because [1] we needed an online password manager (of course) and [2] because my husband, Francesco, wrote a library for Secure Connections over Ajax that allowed us to test the new service even without having to use SSL right off the bat.

Since then it’s been a race against the clock. Nicola, our partner, will be presenting PassPack in Paris on Tuesday so we’re really in the last stages of testing, getting the site looking pretty, adding the final touches and – gasp – getting all the copy written: FAQs, Mission, TAC, the works. Francesco and Nicola are Italian speakers so that’s resting on my shoulders.

If there’s anybody out there… wish me luck!

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