LE WEB 3, Paris

 PassPack will be making it’s debut tomorrow at LE WEB 3, Paris.

Nicola will be presenting on Tuesday afternoon. We initially had been slotted for Tuesday morning, but there was a mishap and we got accidentally canceled. I have to say, the folks at LE WEB 3 have been enormously helpful. Not only, despite being completely booked, did they manage to get us a new slot but they were friendly and professional the whole way through.


A special thanks to Cathy Brooks who managed the Start Up room for GuidewireGroup.

Since then, Nicola has had a bout of what’s got to be the worst luck in the world. In 36 hours he’s dealt with a stolen ID card, an expired passport, a missed flight, a laptop crash, missing reboot disks and a morning in the police station (re: the stolen ID).

It’s been a bumpy road (just ask Nicola) but he made it to Paris, we’ve got a presentation slot and the system is ready to go live tomorrow.

Despite the comedy of errors – WE MADE IT!

Check PassPack.com tommorrow for the grand debut.

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