5 months of work – 20 minutes of relax

It was hard waiting all day to hear how Nicola was fairing in Paris. I had tried to connect on LE WEB 3 TV, but the Start Up Room was webcamless (though I did catch an interesting debate on free speech in China). I sat down with a coffee and settled into waiting.

Nicola Mattina presenting PassPack at LE WEB 3
[thanks to Tiziano for the photo]

It was the first time in weeks I’ve had time on my hands (a whopping 20 minutes at that!) and I got to thinking about when PassPack started, and how far it’s come.

On every vacation, there’s always ONE client that calls – the site is down, the server isn’t responding, outlook needs to be reconfigured, whatever – and you’re at Aunt Nelly’s with (you guessed it) no passwords to get into that site/server/email. It’s a nightmare I’ve lived too many times.

This past August vacation, Francesco passed a sleepless night with his brain in overdrive and came up with a few ideas to build an online password manager. In October we teamed up with Nicola, registered PassPack.com, rolled out the alpha version and we were off! November was crunch time. Our sights were set on launching at LE WEB 3 and there was a ton of work to do. At the end of the month we discovered Passlet (on Ajaxian.com). It was a hard hit, but we decided to stick to the schedule and debut in Paris – there was no point releasing early: we’d risk having a buggy service and wouldn’t have any real benefit.

So there I was: waiting for news from the frontlines. Waiting and waiting.

Finally, the call: Nicola was satisfied, the presentation went well. We had the last slot of the day, and despite everyone being very tired, there was a good bit of audience interaction. He managed to field a few questions and, rumor has it, Lele Danesi even snapped his picture. What more could we ask for? [smile]

Next step: get rolling on the next release. Coffe break is over.

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