aSSL: SSL for Ajax?

UPDATE Dec. 20, 2006

I know, I know. Deleting posts is bad etichette. But sometimes it is necessary in order to avoid propagating the wrong information. This post was causing confusion as to the relationship between aSSL and PassPack. My fault and my apologies.

PassPack is not, and never was, based on aSSL. PassPack simply used aSSL, as a substitute for an SSL connection. The aSSL library was employed during the first stages of testing, and up into the first week of the Beta launch, to send pre-encrypted data to the server. Now that we have moved to a new server with an SSL certificate, we no longer need aSSL.

Regardless of how it travels over the internet, all PassPack data is encrypted before it ever starts its voyage. Read How it works for more information on this process.

For more information on aSSL, please visit Francesco will be keeping the site up to date with downloads and information.


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