Love thy neighbor: share.

Everyone has got a creed in life, mine is “Share whatever you can spare.”

That may sound a little odd for someone launching a project like PassPack where data secrecy is of the utmost importance. But look again: Share what you can spare. Personal data, sensitive information, passwords… these are all things no one can spare sharing. These things must be protected in order to protect yourself. I think we can all agree on that.

So, since PassPack is obviously not about sharing data, what is it that we like sharing?

Everything else: new ideas, methodology, knowledge, good will (o;

A common misconception is that in order for the data to remain secret, the whole process must be secret. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, AES – the most powerful encryption alogrithm known today – is public. It’s not secret.

Why? Because it doesn’t matter if you know how AES works, if you don’t know the Packing Key (THAT needs to be secret), the algorithm simply can’t decrypt the data. It remains sensless muble jumble.

And who does PassPack share with?

Our neighbors: security experts, the “competion”, developers. Whoever is interested in collaborating. Some examples:

So… anyone elese wanna share?

Feel free to ask us what you’d like. Chances are we’ll share.

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