PassPack Terms and Conditions Updates

PassPack’s Terms and Conditions have been updated. Mainly we cleaned up the wording and removed a couple of non applicable sentences. And, while this is explicitly stated on the site, as well as generally addressed in section 6 (Disclaimers; Indemnification; Limitations of Liability), we thought it was best to add the following to section 2c (Prohibited Uses):

Furthermore it is forbidden to store critical data such as, but not limited to, financial data or access data to financial institutions, or any data which, if lost, stolen or destroyed, could result in personal or public catastrophe.

This is applicable to the beta testing phase. When PassPack become a full fledged commercial release, we will be ready to take on that type of responsibility, but not yet. Until then, PassPack can be used for non-critical information, like social bookmarking, blogging, personal home pages, etc.

Another small addition, we corrected the section 1f (Packages) and 1g (Upgrades) to better refelct where we actually are in the development stages. Or rather, there are no upgrades available yet [smile]. Here’s the new wording:

(f) Packages. You may select from the following Service Packages:
Free Package – Maximum 30 Records per Account.
Basic Package – Not yet available.
Mobile Package – Not yet available

(g) Upgrades. Upgrades are not yet available.

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