PassPack Beta 3 Release

In less than a month from it’s launch at LeWeb3, the PassPack Beta 3 release has gone live. New features include:

  • Security Tips bar (sign in or sign up to see it)
    Currently, the focus is on anti-phishing. This area will be used to communicate with PassPack users – since we don’t collect emails, we have no other way of doing so.
  • Even Stronger Login
    We wiggled the the login process a bit to make it a little more robust.
  • Paved the way for Backups and Restore Points (think: panic button)
    We’re still testing, and the user interface needs to be built, but this is a great function that is coming soon. In Beta 3, we’ve just put the pieces in place so that it can happen.
  • Account Cancellation
    Oops. How did we miss that in the first place?! Accounts can now be deleted in the Account Settings tab.
  • Automatic Format Updates
    The PassPack architecture is flexible and allows for changes to algorithms and data formats when need be. The Beta 3 release is the first version to leverage that flexibility by implementing an Automatic Update of the Account data format. The update is handled by the browser so that the User ID, Pass and Packing Key are never compromised.A new format is already in place. The Automatic Update will happen the next time you sign in to your PassPack account.

So that’s it: Beta 3 in a nutshell. We’ve tested the living daylights out of it, but should you see anything wonky, please let us know. Suggestions and comments are always welcome.

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