Web Developers: Put PassPack to Work

As I was preparing for a website development project yesterday, it occurred to me just how many links and accounts I hand over to the client upon delivery: the CMS help site, the Newsletter Service, the AdWords account, the Virtual Office, and so on and so forth.

Why not just create a PassPack account for each project delivery? This way I can provide the client with one login, which contains everything he needs to get started.

Setting up a single PassPack account for each new project would not only help keep things organized during development, it would also add a little extra polish to delivery – clients love being pampered with slick gadgets.

All the client would need do is change the PassPack login information, and the transfer is complete.

PassPack may very well turn out to be an nifty addition to the web developers’s toolbox. Try it out here, it’s free. And very easy.


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