Who are you people anyway?

I want to reply to this comment. My answer is a bit long, and I think it is useful to other readers.

ozwebfx wrote:
Can you persuade me that my data is safe? How do I know what you people are going to do with my stuff .. as far as I can see you are not making any money with this .. will you sell my data or blackmail me?

I’m glad you asked since I’m sure that many people have the same concerns – we will not sell your data and we will not blackmail you, but we WILL (someday) make some money.

How we’ll make money

PassPack is a brand new service, we just launched in December 2006 at LeWeb3. Currently we are in Beta, and are only offering the Free Package.

In the future, we will be adding paid Professional and Enterprise Upgrades. That is how we will make our money. Right now, we are still building up to that point. Those packages aren’t ready for release yet.

There will always be a Free package. You won’t be required to pay in the future. This is very similar to the way BackPack does things (read the FAQ on their sign up page).

Selling your data isn’t an option

We wouldn’t be able to sell your data even if we wanted to (which we don’t). Your data is readable only in your browser after you have signed in and entered your Packing Key. The server is used merely as storage for encrypted, jumbled, unreadable data.

Jumbled, unreadable data isn’t worth much on the market.

We have no way of decrypting the data stored on the server unless you call us, and tell us your User ID, Password and Packing key – and we FORBID you to do such a thing. We don’t want to know. Don’t tell us. Actually – don’t ever tell anyone.

Read more on how we can verify your login without “seeing” your data.

Also, you can also find more security information here and a what happens if you forget your PassPack login information.

No Blackmail or other Criminal Dealings

Now go to our contact page. That’s us.

We’re real people, and that is a real address. Francesco and I are married, and Nicola is our partner (also married with a lovely daughter). If you want to run more background checks on us, check out the Blogroll for our links, run our names through Google, check the WHOIS for PassPack.com.

Crooks usually try and hide. We’re wide out in the open.

Be skeptical

You’ve got every reason to be skeptical. Identity theft is a *major* problem on the web. That’s why we built PassPack: one small tool to help protect ourselves (yes, we use our own product) against ID theft, password theft, spying eyes and the like.

Always beware of phishing attempts. Never open any emails that say they come from PassPack (we don’t send them). Always make sure the domain is https://www.passpack.com (be careful of crafty look-alike misspellings). If you get an alert that the SSL certificate is suspect, close your browser and send us an email ASAP (our certificate is perfectly in order).

Go with your gut

Another thing we are looking into is certification: TRUSTe, BBBOnLine, etc. We’re looking into which certifications are most suited to our type of business. When the time comes, probably with the PassPack commercial release, you’ll see those logos being added to the home page.

I hope I answered your questions. And I hope you’ll give us a try. But if you’re still not comfortable – then don’t sign up. We don’t want to force anyone.

THANK YOU for giving me the chance to answer your questions. Of course, if I missed something, let me know: leave a comment or send me an email.


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9 responses to “Who are you people anyway?

  1. Thanks for your reply, I do feel more comfortable with you now but I think that I can’t 100% trust my info with any third party. Good luck with your idea. Regards, Richard.

  2. :) That’s Ok. Good luck to you too.

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  5. Your “terms and conditions” are clear that storing of information re: access to financial institutions is forbidden. Seems to me that would be the biggest security risk people might be concerned about. I have to be honest though, not being able to say much about any sort of “corporate” identity and being located outside the US makes it especially challenging for a US resident to give it a try.

  6. Hi Scott.
    Thanks for dropping by.

    We’re currently incorporated in Italy, but we may also be setting up an office in the US — that’s not definite yet, but it’s something we’re seriously looking into.

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  8. Hi Tara,

    thanks for this great tool ! I like it very much. One question about login with openid I´d like to ask you: if my open-id password is hacked, does the hacker have access to my passpack account ?

    Best wishes


  9. Hi Oliver,
    Thanks for giving us a try!

    If your OpenID account is hacked, the hacker would *not* have access to your Passpack account, because it is protected by your Packing Key.

    Did I answer your question?

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