Would you like some fries with that sir?

I officially want to say THANK YOU to everyone who’s helping us out, and to everyone who’s given PassPack a try.

We’ve received a number of comments, feature requests, and a couple of bug reports. Keep them coming! They make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. [smile]

New feature requests

Here’s what we’ve heard you saying so far (plus a couple of our own ideas):

  • FireFox plugin for auto-filling all those stored logins
    We’re working on it! There are potential security issues, so we’re not rushing anything out too quickly. No promises for when this will happen, but it IS planned.
  • Localization
    Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese – what languages should PassPack speak?
  • Import / Export
    Yup. These are coming up in the next release.
  • Backup / Restore points
    Think: panic button. This is coming in the next release.
  • Strong Passphrases Tool
    Inline tool for choosing Strong User ID, Pass and Packing Key at sign-up.
  • A Go to link button in the edit window
    This was a request to add a little button next to the link field in the edit window. Clicking that would open the website in a new window (assuming it was a website link in there). As always, we’d need to study the security implications. Our question to you: would you be interested in this type of button?
  • Attachment documents to an entry
    Um… I don’t see this happening in the near (or far) future. But you asked us for it, so we listed it.
  • Fries and a shake
    Just kidding.

Ok – make your voice heard. Leave a comment or drop me an email.

Bug reports

We’re creating a page where developers can read more detailed information about the PassPack process (we want to keep this off the main pages so as not to frighten the general public with tech talk). We’ll also add know bugs to that page, and address issues as they are brought up. Look for it in the next couple of days. In the meantime, if you encounter a what looks like an error, email us with as detailed a description as you can. Thanks, appreciate it.

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4 responses to “Would you like some fries with that sir?

  1. Hans Nordhaug

    Having tried PassPack for a couple of days it quickly became clear that the biggest problem with this extremely nice product, is using the stored passwords. To me auto-filling would make this a killer-application. Firefox already does a decent job of handle passwords on one machine, but the moment you use several machines you need to synchronize your profiles and so – PassPack comes to the rescue.

    In addition to the auto-fill, exporting/backing-up passwords from PassPack is crucial. Even with such a nice product, you might run out business – or you my loose all your data (and your back-ups)…

  2. @Hans
    Yup, the plugin seems to be the biggest request we’re getting (I’ve gotten a few via email as well).

    The Backup/Restore and Import/Export are both planned for the next release. So file that wish under the “will be granted” category.


  3. Another little, but nice feature would be labels. How about we users can have a label against each entry and probably list only those with a particular label and do whatever. Kinda like how gmail does. I’m sure it’s one little, but great feature

  4. @Raghu
    Good idea. We’ll add that to the list of things to think about. Thanks.

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