One Month – Let’s party!!

Today, January 12, 2007, is PassPack’s month-aversary: one full month of online password management; one month of hard work rolling out those releases and new features; one full month since Nicola presented at LeWeb3 via the most torturous route possible; one month….

Ok, I’ll stop.

So what’s actually changed

Thanks to quite a bit of buzz worldwide, and some “official” write-ups, we’ve gone from totally-unknown, to getting-known status. [wink]

As a result, we’ve also spent a lot of time on babelfish translating articles -and holding our breath: “Will it be good, or Bad? Good or Bad?… [loading]… It’s good!”

The Beta 3 release is up and we’re now working on Beta 4.

We’ve been asked if we’re blackmailers – not everyone can say that.

Thanks to articles like this (Teckflock), the world is starting to understand how online password managers work.

I lied, no party

Sorry, PassPack doesn’t have an entertaining budget to go throwing big corporate parties BUT we will probably go out for a beer. So, if anyone spots our happy faces hanging out in downtown Rome tonight – we’ll happily share our peanuts with you!

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