PassPack on c|net’s Webware

c|net’s Webware wrote a lovely article on PassPack.

c|net’s Webware

“PassPack is pleasingly simple to use and very responsive. Can you trust a tool like this with all your passwords? Normally I’d say no, but with the client-side encryption, even the best decrypters won’t be able to figure out your Amazon log-in…”

Thanks to Josh Lowensohn for these kind words.

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11 responses to “PassPack on c|net’s Webware

  1. Yeah.. this is where I came across your site and started using it. Don’t have much to say about it since I started using it just yesterday. Right now, I’m just test driving it to see if I can reach to the comfortable level of using it as my fulltime password storage repository

  2. @Raghu

    Welcome! We’re currently working on the next release which should provide more ways to “reach a comfortable level”. Here’s the post just in case you haven’t seen it yet:

  3. Dear Tara (and PassPack Team),

    if you do not mind I have a bunch of suggestions for you.
    I had a look to your service and I must say that it is the first web password manager (that I found) with client-side encryption.

    Here my suggestions:

    1) Bulk import and export of accounts data in table form (html table or xls or csv).

    2) Custom fields.

    3) client side encryption passphrase typed at the time (so non packing passphrase stored). This feature should came together with a multiple backup of past “packs”.
    I understand that the passphrase is in some way not limited to client realm because it is catched and mailed back to passpack subscribers (am I wrong?).

    4) A browser script (firefox extension or greasemonkey) with automatic form filler. so when the broswer load from a particular URL the script will (securely) connect to passpack to automatically retrive data and fill the login form.

    I know that this is so much stuff to discuss about but I think that these features are (almost) mandatory for a professional use.

    Please let me know you opinion. I have been searching for such a service so long. I would be glad to see how your service develops in the future.

    Regards and congratulations.

  4. of course I just realized I was not the first to suggest that features.

    but that’s even better: if you are working on it I will be sticking and waiting.

    bye again

  5. found out also that passphrase never travel over the internet.


  6. @Delta Pi
    Hello and Welcome.
    I see that you already answered some of your own questions, so I’m assuming that you’ve visited this page:

    We are working on the import/export, backup/restore. Browser plug-ins are also a very probable item as this is what everyone is crying out for (and rightfully so, but we’re being slow due to caution over security).

    As for “Custom fields” – can you expand on that? I want to make sure I understand exactly what you mean.

    Also (just becasue it never hurts to say it enough) the Packing Key is never sent over the internet, and it is not stored on our servers. I see that you’ve already discovered that – but I’m writing it here for any future readers that might come across this comment.

    Welcome aboard – we’re working as fast as we can to get these features out. Thanks for the feedback!

  7. thanks Tara for quick response.

    my current accounts table has so much colums:

    title, username, password, login url, subscribing email address, verification codes, usubscribing URL, lost password URL.

    I have also bank account account but, mostly important, also credic card fields because often the login form is a CC payment form.

    So I am thinking not only to login passwords vault but more generally to accounts of any type.

  8. @Delta Pi
    Thanks, that clears it up for me.

    I don’t think that we would add the extra fields you requested because we would quickly have many many many fields in the the Entry window, and we prefer to keep things as simple as possible.

    I suggest you use the Notes field in your PassPack entry for this additional information (that’s what I do).

  9. of course Notes filed acts as a series of custom fields.

    do not worry: bulk import/export and robotized login will be enough for a while…

  10. @Delta Pi
    Sorry, it just occurred to me that you mentioned Bank Accounts and Credit Cards. Please do not use PassPack for critical or financial data. We are still in Beta release that is not possible yet. Read this post:

  11. do not worry: catastrophe will be avoided.

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