Something’s stirring at PassPack

First the obvious news…

The blog got a slight restyling today – I can finally check that off the to-do list now. Please do let me know if you come across anything quirky looking. Thanks.

Now the more exciting news…
I took the grand tour through the new Beta 4 today – very exciting stuff!

The new Entry window is a gem: hidden, selectable password (no more fears of shoulder surfing), a nifty password generator and a quick link opener.

On the main screen, a very handy quick search. Many of you asked for some sort of organization, categorization or tagging of Entries – I think the quick search will do the trick, it’s very immediate.

Of course, there are also the important account tools: export, backup and the like.

I know, I’m teasing you – but you’re going to have to wait until the official release to see all the improvements. That’s slotted to happen during the month of February, so keep your eyes glued here… it’s coming.

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7 responses to “Something’s stirring at PassPack

  1. happy to see that things are rolling.

    what about PassPack APIs for third party web 2.0 apps?

  2. Everything in due time…

    Once Beta 4 rolls, we’ll continue working. No worries.

  3. But keep the ideas coming – we love them!

  4. More interested in quick search. My list has grown too long and it’s becoming hard to select the one I want. Not sure how quick search might do the trick.. but, I still believe labeling is the way to go where you select a particular label and only those entries that have that label are shown. I tend to get dodged by looking at 50+ entries at once

  5. @Raghu
    “I tend to get dodged by looking at 50+ entries at once”

    Me too. I’ve used programs that have labels, but many of my entries fall into the same category. I’m a web developer, so think of how “FTP” entries I have.

    The quick search is really snappy fast. Say I’m looking for my SourceForge login:

    (1) I type “s” and the list shortens to only entries with a “s”;

    (2)when I type the second letter, “o”, the list shortens to only entries with a “so” in the title;

    (3) with just three keystrokes, “sou”, I only have a few entries showing and I’ve probably already spotted my SourceForge entry.

    … really, it’s immediate.

  6. @Tara,
    I figured that’s how it’s going to be when you said quick search. You are actually filtering instead of searching. I have always liked usability of this in many applications (like copernic desktop search or even firefox quick find).

    I was more talking towards organizing the entries that a user has. Usually, if anybody sees too many entries at once, it kinda leaves a bad impression. So, if the user can manage the entries in categories or labels and have links to those and show only the relevant onces at once, it leaves a good impression on eyes and usability. I’m a QA by profession… so, I’m thinking more towards end user’s perspective.

    You are right when you said if one label or category have many entries, it’s the same thing again. But, think of how many users will have this situation against the number of users who don’t

  7. @Raghu
    Yes, it’s filtering (I was a bit wordy – sorry) :)

    I’ve seen many users have trouble using the folders in their webmail, so I’m afraid of hiding any of their data under categories or labels. But, sure, you make a good point and we’ll take it into consideration.

    We haven’t ruled out the possibility of using some sort of organizational system but we’re going to release first with just the quick search. From there we’ll be able to better gage user response.

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