Password Generator

One of the things you asked us for, was a way to quickly make passwords while adding a new entry, or updating a previous one – wish granted.

Just press the Generate button in the Entries window, and up pops the new password generator. It’s extremely fast and easy to use, here’s what it looks like (not to scale):
Password Generator

The generated password can be copied and pasted wherever you’d like, or just press the Use this button and it’ll be inserted for you in the entry window.

If you have any questions or comments, let me know.

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4 responses to “Password Generator

  1. what’s the schedule?
    the feature I’m waiting for is the bulk import/export.
    no way I’m going to type all my accounts.

  2. Hi Delta Pi.
    We’re scheduled for release by the end of the month. So you’ll have import/export within thirteen days … hopefully sooner :)

    (We’re supporting Comma or Tab Separated Values)

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