Ask and You Shall Receive

UPDATE: The Beta 4 release is online. Read the complete features list here. Or Sign up for PassPack and get started.

Let there be tags!

Yes, that’s right, we’ve managed to squeeze in tagging. You can tag your entries and navigate your entries list by tag. Tags are also being integrated into the import/export functions.

The Password Scramble

The hidden password feature and Generate password buttons are easier to recognize. No icons: just clear, readable words. We’ve also added inline instructions to be sure.
Password Scramble

Packing, saving and time-outs

You will be able to decide how long your account stays inactive before it packs and locks up. You can also set it to auto-save any changes you’ve made in the meantime.
Packing and Saving Options

Thanks for your help in making PassPack better.Get a PassPack account here if you don’t have one yet.
(no worries, it’s free… and it’ll stay that way).

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5 responses to “Ask and You Shall Receive

  1. Perfect.. Tagging is what I’ve been waiting for. Thank You

  2. You’re quite welcome :)

  3. Hey,
    I love what you’e doing!
    Don’t ever change and best of luck.

    Raymon W.

  4. @RaymonWazerri
    Thank you. These features in this post have all been released.

    Here is the link to our complete set of features (we keep this updated):


  5. Just a short note to say I like your blog.

    Good job and keep up the great work!


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