Working Around the Clock (and IE6)

The two items which held up the Beta 4 Public Preview last Wednesday were the Anti-phishing Welcome Message and some visualization bugs with Internet Explorer. Just a quick update: the first has been solved, and the later is at a good point.

One interesting bug we’ve come across in Internet Explorer 6 is when rolling over a link – it highlights as usual (the hover state) but the link “stays on” even after you’ve moved the cursor off.

Developers: Speak up if you’ve ever heard of this IE6 CSS bug, have encountered it, or (fingers crossed) have solved it.

We’ve had to make some decisions, and Internet Explorer 6 users will have a mildly different version of the password list, with no rollover highlights. If we can find a solution for this bug, sure, we’ll happily implement it, but if not, we consider it a reasonable compromise. With Internet Explorer 7, PassPack works just fine.

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