PassPack Beta 4 Public Preview is Online

The Preview is over – Try the Real Thing here
Thanks to everyone for your patience and feedback – priceless! A special thanks to our Beta 4 testers.

Please tell us what you think!
Leave a comment or email me with your questions, complaints or compliments.

What’s new

Just about everything we’ve added is to give you more control over your data, your account and your preferences.

  • Import and Export
    It’s your data, do with it what you like.
    Tools Tab » Import, Tools Tab » Export
  • Backup and Restore
    Make and restore encrypted copies of your PassPack entries.
    Tools Tab » Backup, Tools Tab » Restore
  • Pack up and Auto-save when inactive
    You decide when PassPack locks and if it should auto-save.
    Account Settings Tab » Options
  • Anti-phishing Welcome Message
    You pick it, phishers can’t reproduce it (it’s IP filtered).
    Account Settings Tab » Welcome Message
  • Tags, search and navigation
    Tag your entries, quick search your list, alphabetical order paging.
    Password Manager Tab
  • Know when to save
    A big RED button tells you if you need to save or not.
    Password Manager Tab
  • Password Generator
    Quickly make and fill in a password in your entry.
    Entry Window
  • Scrambled Password field
    Select and copy your passwords while safely hidden from prying eyes.
    Entry Window
  • Go to Button
    Copy your password, click to go to the website, then paste. All done.
    Entry Window

Known issues

The Import and Restore Preview tables do not show properly in Internet Explorer 6. FIXED

Netscape also has visualization issues when using the Firefox rendering engine. The Internet Explorer rendering engine (oddly enough) appears to work just fine.

We are still testing Safari – Mac users, speak up!

How long until the final release?

We expect the Public Preview to last a week. This may change if any issues arise that need to be addressed. Once the preview is over, and Beta 4 is officially in place, your account will automatically be updated to the new format the first time you sign in.

NOTE: If you create an account in the Preview database that you would like to make permanent – let us know and we’ll post instructions on how to do so.

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4 responses to “PassPack Beta 4 Public Preview is Online

  1. jordi sabater

    Thanks for the update and for “showing” us the Beta. Can not wait to final release. New features are interesting and really useful, mainly tagging. Also backups, import export and welcome message are adding to passpack huge possibilities. Thanks a lot.


  2. @ Jordi
    I can’t wait for the final release either! [smile] We’ve got a tight schedule ahead of us to live up to that “We expect the Public Preview to last a week.” I’m glad you like the new additions.

    Cheers to you,

  3. salve interessanti le nuove funzionalità ma non capisco perchè dovrei creare un nuovo account..

  4. @freedom
    Salve. La necessità di creare un nuovo account è solo temporanea durante la preview. Non appena il Beta 4 sarà ufficiale (previsto per lunedì) il tuo account verrà aggiornato alla nuova versione automaticamente alla prima login.

    My response to freedom’s question, “why do I have to create a new account?”… The creation of a new account is only for the preview period. Once the Beta 4 release (planned for Monday) is officially in place, your account will be automatically updated the first time you sign in.

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