Recover your Passwords from your Browser

Since PassPack‘s new Beta 4 release allows bulk importing of passwords, this may be of great help to you to get your passwords out of your browser, and into PassPack.

You could use this script or, much easier, install the Password Exporter, a dedicated Firefox extension by Fligtar. It allows you to export your saved passwords to an XML file.

Internet Explorer
The best resources are from Nir Sofer. His Protected Storage PassView displays all the passwords and AutoComplete strings stored in your Window’s system Protected Storage. But since Internet Explorer 7 doesn’t use Protected Storage to save passwords any longer, Nir recently released IE Pass View to extract the same data. Both utilities can export the password set in several formats, including tab-delimited text files and XML files. Thanks to Claus Valca for the hint.

Thanks to Marco at Clipperz for the original article.

NOTE: Somehow I managed to delete the text in this post, what you see here is a shorter what-I-can-remember version of the original. Hmpf.

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3 responses to “Recover your Passwords from your Browser

  1. did you understand what’s this clipperz thing?

  2. @Delta Pi
    :) Yes, Clipperz is another password manager – officially, they are the “competition”, but they are nice people and we are working together in the hopes of defining a standard for account portability.

    *But*, I think you are probably referring to this sentence from Marco’s article: “…I’m badly biased since Clipperz is soon going to launch exactly such a tool.”

    No, we don’t know what Clipperz tool is yet. We’re friendly, but we don’t know their secrets :)

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