PassPack Launches New Beta 4 Release

It’s here! PassPack is officially in Beta 4 (with a new design to boot).

PassPack is the only Online Password Manager to merge high security with ease-of-use, putting the average person back in control of his online identity. PassPack is free and available 24/7 via Internet without installation. [shameless plug]

PassPack Home

Connect to and sign in as usual. Your account will be automatically updated so sign in will take a tad longer than usual, just be patient while the system does it’s job.

The new features are covered in length in this post, but here’s a recap for you:

Have fun folks, and let us know what you think.
If you don’t already have a PassPack account, you can sign up right from the home page.


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5 responses to “PassPack Launches New Beta 4 Release

  1. What’s wrong with initiatives such as OpenID, as well as new OS technology such as CardSpace?

  2. @Dmitri
    Nothing wrong with them at all. In fact, we plan on supporting OpenID – just not yet. Everything in due time. :)

  3. The new design looks pretty good.

    The only problem I see is that the design looks like it ends at the bottom of the white section. You have big rounded corners and a drop shadow which makes it look like the page has stopped and the stuff below – on the background color – is extraneous fluff.

    I went through every page about 4 times before I realized the content continued after the white box.

  4. @Ben
    Thanks for the input. We’ve got an ongoing discussion amongst ourselves here about the split page. But wow – four times! I give you credit for reading through the site so scrupulously. Thanks.

  5. un peu court mais pas mal du tout

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