24 hours into the New Release

We’re thrilled with the positive response the new PassPack release is getting. The favorite feature seems to be the Import screen – I hope you’ve also started making your personal backups as well.

Among the praise, there has also been some fix requests and some questions. Here’s what’s been sent so far:

Problems found

  • Sign in/Sign up page too long to load – FIXED
    We were preloading some scripts, we’ve moved this to run in the background. Should be much faster now.
  • Explorer 6 sometimes finds ‘unsecure elements’ in the page
    We can’t find these elements, but to be sure – Say NO. Explorer will exclude whatever it thinks isn’t secure, and PassPack will work properly anyway. In the meantime, we’ll keep looking.
  • Spelling mistakes in the Welcome Message – FIXED
    Yes, we need to run through all the texts again… that’s SO my fault. ;)
  • Unauthorized Connection Error, gets stuck on Sign in – FIXED
    Only requests originating from https://www.passpack.com are accepted by the server (that hasn’t changed) but we DID force a redirect from all other URLs (http instead of https, omission of the www, and combiations thereof).


We also recieved a request for the HTML for the PassPack button. Sure thing! I’ll post it here as soon as it’s ready.

Thanks to everyone for your feedback!

Keep it coming: write me or leave a comment on this post.

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4 responses to “24 hours into the New Release

  1. Tara,
    Congratulations to your team. Thanks for brining this nice product and having a great ear for your users. Hope to see you guys taking it further

  2. @Raghu
    Taking it further is on the short list. ;)

    We’ve got that super top-secret tool coming – it’s so fun eve to just SAY that. Ha! We’ll be uncloaking the idea very soon – then the testers can have at it.

    Thanks for the congrats. It’s always nice to get them.

  3. thanks. i just signed up. i’m testing it now. it’s a very useful tool. I’m looking forward to your super top secret ultra cool shiny new tool

  4. @mickey
    Glad to hear it. Please let me know what you think.

    For the new tool, that’ll be the very next post on the blog. So keep watch. :)


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