24 responses to “PassPack Auto-login: No Plugin Needed

  1. This would be a great addition to the passpack website but how is the security for this bookmarklet?

    Is the smart button user specific? If it is how does it store the login and passkey information? If it isn’t how does the button know which user you are and how does it get the data?

    How will the data be transported from the passpack site to the login fields?

    This were the first things i thought of when i read the post and saw the demo.

  2. Delta Pi

    from what I understand it acts simply as an automated copy and paste from the passpack account window to the account page login fields.

    so it works only if you have opened the passpack account window.

    it saves you to scramble the passeword, to copy it, to paste it, to do mistakes, to leave login information around the clipboard and so on…

  3. @David
    Excellent questions – I was waiting for them to start pouring in. :)

    The answers are a little long so I moved them to a post of their own here: https://passpack.wordpress.com/2007/03/23/how-passpack-auto-login-works-qa/

  4. @Delta Pi
    Yes, it only works if you have your PassPack account open.

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  6. I will adopt it right now ! Is it just possible to set the time for the account lock on PassPack (like on Keepass) ?

  7. @Loopion
    Yes, you can. You can also choose whether or not PassPack automatically saves your changes upon lockup (I’ve got my account set up this way, it’s very useful).

    From inside your account, click on the Account Settings tab, then click the Options button.

    Glad to hear you’ll be giving us a try!
    Let me know if you have any suggestions.

  8. Ouuuups Sorry.

    Suggestion : French translation. :) I can help.

  9. @Loopoin
    :) Nothing to be sorry about. We need to get a help section in place (working on it). So feel free to ask questions, and I’ll keep answering them.

    French translation: I’d love to translate the system, only problem being, then people would email us in French… and we’d be at a total loss. Nonetheless, as soon as we can get the resources in place to handle multi-language support, then we will also translate PassPack. Sorry.

  10. how long before the AutoLogin gets released? i recently switched to Linux from Windows and the only thing missing for me is RoboForm. with PassPAck most of what i needed can be done BUT not without a AutoLogin feature, it’s just not convenint without it.

    Also, if for example, i surf to gmail.com and have already added my gmail login details to PassPack, would it detect and offer to Fill in the password?


  11. @John,
    The auto login is technology is complete, we’re working on the interface elements – so it’s getting closer.

    On how it works, you would click the Go There button from within your Gmail entry, then once the page loaded, you’d press the PassPack Smart Button and you’ll be logged in.

    You may come across websites that are not yet recognized, in which case PassPack will ask you to “teach” it where to find the login form in the website – it’s a fast and simple point-and-click process. Once you’re done teaching, you can press the Smart Button and it’ll log you in. You only need to teach it once, then it’s available from then on in. Gmail, for example, has already been recognized.

    I hope I answered your question. Let me know if you need more info,

  12. Vincenzo

    Hi all!! You’re doing a great work!!
    Any news about timing for auto-login???


  13. Hi Vincenzo,
    Thanks! The auto-login will be included in the next release – that will happen during the month of June.


  14. This is an interesting application. I use roboform for all my current password storage. It is commercial software so there is a license fee. It has been a great tool for me. If the passpack plugin comes online and does the same thing as roboform, I might be a convert. With some serious testing of course (haha).

    Charles McKeever

  15. Hello Charles,
    Glad to hear it. Our auto-login works a bit differently than Roboform’s, but yes, it’s free. It’ll be online by the end of the month, so you’re free to open an account to try it out. There’s a getting started guide here:


  16. Thanks for a great tool! Seems to be working nicely.

  17. Hi,
    is the auto-login already finished?

  18. @Jake
    No, sorry, it’s not yet available.

    It will be released together with the Beta 5 release, which was slotted for the end of June and it looks like we’re going to have to postpone that date – I was just about to blog about it, but you beat me to it :)

  19. Ok, thanks for the very quick answer. :)

  20. You’re quite welcome – you happened to catch me in blog-mode. :)

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