Beta 4: Entries Bug – FIXED

UPDATE: I was told that this message was causing some confusion since the bug it adresses no loger exists. So I am crossing out, and removing, large sections of the post. It is here for posterity’s sake.

Thanks to some helpful user feedback, an error in the recent Beta 4 release has been found and fixed. The error was serious in that it caused some loss of data. Security was not compromised.

Who is affected

If you have inserted some of your passwords, Saved your Pack, signed out then signed back in only to find that some, or all, of your recent entries are missing – then you were affected by this error.

Even if you feel that you have not been affected, please read the section labeled IMPORTANT below.

Where the error was

The error was based on a misalignment of the Server Session and the PassPack application that you were seeing in your browser as you were working. This could have been caused by either having left PassPack “always open” inside a tab or window, or by having lost your Internet connection at some point while PassPack was open.

We had a mechanism in place to handle this type of situation, unfortunately the error handling itself was broken and was telling the browser “Yes, saved everything just fine.” even though that had not happened.

What has been fixed

We have fixed the error handler so that it now properly reports an broken or misaligned session to the browser. The user is warned that the data was unable to be saved, then given the opportunity to click to restart the session and asked to try to save again.

By doing so, the PassPack system in your browser window and the Sever session will be realigned, thus allowing the data to be properly save the next time you press Save my Pack.

Where did the data go

Nowhere. It was not saved and can not be retrieved. We sincerely apologize to those of you who have lost time or data due to this error, but we have no way of retrieving your missing entries. You will have to enter them again.


If you are currently singed into your PassPack account in another window or tab (it doesn’t matter if it is “packed” or not, as long as you’re in) , please follow these steps before exiting your account:

  1. Click on the Tools tab
  2. Click on the Backup button and follow the instructions. This will make an encrypted back up of all the entries in your Entries List.
  3. Make sure to copy, paste and save the encrypted results. If you don’ know how to do this, write me telling me what type of computer you use and I will give you instructions.
  4. Save your Pack and Sign out of your PassPack Account, making sure to fully close the window (or tab).
  5. Open a new window (or tab) and Sign in to your PassPack Account.
  6. Click on the Tools tab
  7. Click on the Restore button.
  8. Copy and paste your encrypted backup into the filed provided. Proceed following the instructions, and making sure to complete the process and press the Import button.
  9. Return to the Password Manager, check that all of your entries are there and Save your Pack.

For those of you who are not currently signed into your PassPack Account, these instructions do not apply.

Thank you

We’d like to thank the people who wrote in about this problem. Thanks to your detailed descriptions of your experience, we were able to find the problem. However, we regret that you will need to re-insert the lost entries.

As always, feel free to contact me with your questions or concerns.

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