How Many Entries Can I Save?

PLEASE NOTE: This post is out of date. Passpack free accounts allow 100 entries.

Currently PassPack has two Free accounts, plus paid upgrades will be available in the future. Each type of account has different space limits.

Free accounts

Free accounts allow approximately 75-100 entries.

Exactly how many largely depends on how “heavy” each entry is. For example, an entry with notes, tags and links, is heavier than one with just a User ID and password.

A second factor is the encrypting. Since your pack is never encrypted the same way twice (the algorithm produces a different pack every time), the weight will vary slightly each time it is saved.

This is PassPack’s standard free account (32kb).

Free MAXI accounts

Free MAXI accounts allow approximately 150-200 entries.

See above for why this is only an approximate number of entries, the actual size limit is 64kb.

Free MAXI accounts are no longer available. If you signed up for PassPack before Aug. 1, 2007, then you have a Free MAXI account – thanks for being a PassPack early adopter!

Paid Upgrades

If you have many entries you may at some point see a warning that you are on or over the limit. Extra space will be one of the paid upgrades that we’ll be adding in the future.

However, should you run out of space before the upgrade is available online, you can create a secondary (free) account wherein you store your less used passwords. You can save the login information in your primary PassPack account so that you don’t have to memorize a second set of User/Pass/Packing Key.

Why so small?
We know it’s odd this day and age to hear about account sizes measured in Kb, but there’s a good reason for it. PassPack runs AES-256 encryption/decryption in javascript in your browser. This is fabulous protection for your data, but it can be very stressing for some browsers. Even managing 1MB of data simply wouldn’t be possible.

If you would like to be alerted when paid ugrades are ready, let us know.

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15 responses to “How Many Entries Can I Save?

  1. Hey Passpack-Team,

    apart from the fact that te registration doesn’t seem to work at the moment it’s a bit confusing that i don’t know how much i have to pay later for a bigger account. That should be calculatable – at least a price range would be good.

  2. Hello Frank,
    Thanks for the follow up email on registration – I’m glad that actually did work for you.

    I understand your confusion on pricing. We can’t calculate anything solid until we have defined (1) how much extra space will be given and (2) if we will be adding other services beyond just space or not, and if so, which services and (3) costs for setting it all up.

    However, our goal is to keep the price to a very low monthly price – a few dollars.

  3. Hey great site but even with my moderately sized list of passwords (~200) I’ve exceeded the size restriction!

    Please increase the limit for all accounts, passwords are too important to ever erase =)

    Here is the error:
    Please note: the total size of your account (71685.6) has exceeded the limit (32768). You’re going to have to remove one or more entries, or maybe just shorten some of your notes fields. If you need more space, please create a second PassPack free account or contact us about a professional upgrade (this is not yet available on the website, so please contact us for details).

  4. Hi Tom,
    First, thanks for the kudos, we revel in them.

    Second, WOW! That’s a lot of passwords! Believe or not, the average user only has about 20.

    But, our future paid upgrades would be a perfect fit for someone who has as much data to store as you do, it’ll brng the limit to about 400 entries (that’s approximate).

    We would like to get that available as soon as possible, but (alas) still no official schedule.

    In the meantime, you can create as many free accounts as you need so that you don’t have to actually delete anything.

    Sorry I can’t help you out more.

  5. Well shoot.
    Looks like we’ll have to look elsewhere.
    With gmails free storage currently @ 2398 MB, I wasn’t expecting to see the phrase “maximum 32k of storage” ever again.
    But then again, google couldn’t backup the data of 45 of their users on a single floppy disk.

  6. @David
    Gmail doesn’t have to run AES-256 encryption/decryption in javascript in the browser.

    The storage isn’t the issue. Performance is.

    We know these limits won’t stress the browser, causing them to crash or hang.

    If you need GBs of storage, then you’re best bet is with an offline solution.

  7. How do the MAXI accounts do? That’s 4 times the storage. I certainly don’t need GB’s of storage, I would just need something like 100k (I’m guessing).

  8. @David,
    Thanks, you caught that error. The Free MAXI accounts are 64kb, not 128kb – my mistake. The entry count is correct though, it’s about 150-200 entries.

    I’ll make the correction. But looking over the post, it really is incomplete. I’ll go through and flesh out some more information for you over the next couple of days.

  9. Haha, you would be amazed how quickly they add up. The service is useful and the import tool let me pull in my old password manager’s set! After carefully going through them to see what was needed, I’ve managed to cut it down to 32k. But with so many places requiring logins any more space would be really useful, even 64k would be very helpful, and if it’s possible any more space would be very much appreciated for the free accounts. I’m really happy with PassPack but trying to maintain two or more accounts would be a bit difficult. Maybe you could let users have multiple “packs” within the same account?

    Anyway I’ll continue to use your site because it works well, but between long passwords, URLs, and important notes it would really help to have more space :)


  10. Thor M.K.H

    First of all, this is a great service. Works well and probably made my information a lot more secure.

    However, I can understand that there’s issues regarding performance on the browser, but isn’t it possible for people to just say that they want to take that risk? Regardless of storage, most new computers would not have an issue doing the encryption, even with JavaScript. Don’t take this in a bad way, please don’t, but it does sound more like you’re using the encryption performance as a cover-up.

  11. @Thor M.K.H
    Hello. No worries, no offense taken at all. We ran an internala benchmark of the encryption speeds some time ago. Luckily the browsers are getting better day by day. Firefox 3 and the newest Safari are outstanding. Even poor Explorer got a tad better (but still very far behind).

    I think we’re still going to keep the entry limit on free accounts. That is a commercial decision, not a technical one.

    The technical limitation is what keeps us from saying “paid versions have unlimited entries.” We still have to cap that off. Right now the cap is at 800, that may get better as the browsers do.

    Hope that clears things up a bit.

  12. David Spector

    I wonder if another algorithm might make a difference. Instead of AES-256, how about using XXTEA, which is a little faster? Of course, it is technically not quite as secure.

    Or even better, encrypt the index and each entry separately, instead of the whole pack as a block. Then, when the user selects an entry, the browser would decrypt just that entry.

    If you take this approach, you could make the free version allow a very large number of entries.

    Or even better, allow an unlimited number of entries in the free version, and find other value-added options for the paid version.

  13. @David Spector
    Hello. Sorry, I just added an update to the top of the page… this post is very outdated.

    With the release of Beta 6, the actual entries are now counted and not weight based. The limit is 100 for the free accounts (sorry not unlimited [smile] though we will be adding additional services as well).

    You’re right on XXTEA, it is faster. We actually let users now choose their level of encryption. So folks looking for some extra speed can downshift to XXTEA. The default is still AES-256 though.

  14. David Spector

    Tara, Wow, thank you for being so responsive!

    I think 100 entries is reasonable for a free product, although I wish you didn’t distinguish the paid product by the number of supported entries. Still, I understand your need to be profitable.

    PassPack appears to be an unusually well-designed, human-friendly product, so I think you have a good chance of becoming a “killer app”.

    David Spector

  15. Thanks David!
    We will be adding a number of other services as well. But since we’re just starting out we’re testing the waters on finding the right balance between, services, entries and price points. Apparently pricing is something of an art… and we’re trying to figure it out. :)


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