How to Copy the Scrambled Password

There is no need to unscramble your password to copy it. When the password field is scrambled, clicking on it will automatically select your password, then you can copy it right away.

Password Scramble

  1. Click in the scrambled field
  2. Copy (either press CTRL-C, or right click and choose Copy)
  3. Done

Feel free to write in with any questions or suggestions you may have.

Note: We’ve had some requests for a button that, when clicked, automatically copies your Password (or User ID) to the clipboard. Alas, there is no cross browser solution – it would only work for Explorer and would require Flash for the other browsers. We’re trying to avoid doing this and looking for an alternative.

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5 responses to “How to Copy the Scrambled Password

  1. Hi,

    Copying (CTRL-C) from the scrambled password field doesn’t appear to work for me. Neither do I get a menu when right-clicking.

    I’m using IE7 on Vista.



  2. Hi Patrick.
    The right click definitely won’t work because we’ve disabled right clicking on that particular field (long story).

    However CTRL-C should work, so we’ll certainly look into it. Thanks for the heads up (and for including your browser info).


  3. roberto ramos

    No funciona el control-c, para copiar la clave cuando se esta en la opcion scramble, como antes si lo hacia, que sucede?

  4. Have you ever seen They clip web addresses and copies it to your clipboard by clicking a button. Perhaps that is what you need?

  5. @Phillip,
    Thanks for the heads up, I’ll have a look.

    srcasm also found us a script that we managed are implementing in the Beta 6 release.


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