Using PassPack Day-to-Day

Ok, so you’ve signed up for PassPack, you’ve filled up your account, you’ve changed your weak passwords and you’ve set your anti-phishing Welcome MessageNow what?

Here are some tips that I use daily while working.

Keep it “Always On”

Every morning, I open the laptop, open the browser and sign into PassPack – then I open another tab (I use Firefox, but Explorer 7 users can do this now too, and Opera always has) and do the rest of my surfing there. This way, I can just flip back to PassPack when I need it. I call this my PassPack tab – it’s always there.

To lock or not to lock?

Personally, I’m paranoid, so I click the Lock it up link as soon as I’m done, but that means inserting the Packing Key every time I want to access my stuff. That’s my choice so I don’t mind, but some folks might find that irritating.

If your goal is to insert the Packing Key as few times as possible, then you can also set PassPack to stay open longer before it locks up from inactivity.

Logging into a website

Find the entry in your list – use quick search, or click on a tag, or page through using the alphabetical order buttons.

Open the entry window, click in the scrambled password field and copy (no need to unscramble). If you haven’t already opened the website, then hit the Go There button and navigate to the login page, otherwise just flip back to the tab where the website is. In either case, paste your password into the password field. You can type in your user name manually, or if you don’t remember it, just flip back to Passpack and copy that too.

I know you are all very eager to have the automatic login feature. That is slotted for release during June 2007.

Registering at a new site

In the registration form type in your preferred username or email (whichever the site prefers). Then select and copy the website’s address from the address bar. Now flip back to the tab where you’ve got your PassPack tab and hit the New Entry button and give it a title (anything that’ll help you remember what it is).

Type the username into the User ID field, paste the link into the Link field and press the Generate button to generate a unique password (the Use This button will fill in the Password field for you automatically). Copy that password, switch back to the registration form and paste it in. Jot down anything else in the Notes field of your entry window.

Press Ok and click on the red Save my Pack button when the entry window closes.

Setting up favorites

There are certain sites that I sign into every morning – it’s routine. To keep these always in the forefront, I simply changed the title. So the Entry WordPress became **Wordpress. That’s it. Now it’s always first in my list.

What are your tips?

Feel free to share your tips with others.

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3 responses to “Using PassPack Day-to-Day

  1. I would like to sign up and try using PassPack, but am having a difficult time. In particular, the greenish bar on the left side of the screen with some green notes is very difficult to read.
    I think that I need directions BEFORE I start entering items. I am not sure now if I have created an account or not.

  2. @Anna,
    I don’t know if you have read this article yet:

    The first step in that article is to sign up for an account. You can skip this if you’d like, and just click through and read the rest of the instructions.

    I’ve sent you a private email as well with some more information – so maybe we can get you up and running.

    Looking forward to your reply.

  3. I just finished writing a screencast (I call them “Guides”) on PassPack, which includes a usage scenario.

    I wrote this one after doing one on KeePass, so there is some compare and contrast, mostly around the issue of accessing your passwords from home, work, or on the road.

    Look, Mom, no USB flash drive?

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