Why Are Things So Quiet at PassPack?

You should know us by now… when we’re quiet, we’re up to something (four things actually)

1. Preparing a New Release

Yup, you guessed it: we’re getting ready for the next release of PassPack – Beta 5. We’ll be adding lots of new features, as well as making some under-the-hood changes to the system. Among the new features, we’ll be releasing the auto-login tool.

No exact date for the new release, but you can expect to see it in June 2007.

2. Refining our Vision

PassPack has achieved fabulous results in just a few short months after our launch at LeWeb3. Now we’re looking towards the future.

In the last month, the PassPack crew has dedicated itself to refining its vision. During this time, it became clear that there were diverging ideas on who we are, and where we’re going. As a result, Nicola Mattina, member of PassPack’s founding trio, has now taken taken an outside role – continuing to support PassPack, yet stepping down as a partner.

Thank you Nicola for everything you’ve brought to PassPack, for your ideas, your hard work, and for your continuing support. We hope to do you proud.

3. Pushing Onward

With a new release coming up, and our vision refined, we’re now ready to take on the wild world of commerce. Many of you have written in asking when our commercial upgrades will be available, how much they’ll cost and what they’ll include.

I can tell you that we’re actually planning a suite of upgrades, all which will be available for a few (very few) dollars a month. Each plan will offer more features and more space with respect to the previous one.

I’ll post more information (and questions – we need your opinions!) as soon as I can be more specific.

4. Hopping Around

And finally, in the full spirit of one giant step forward, two sweeping steps sideways …. and a spin, hop and a twist – I’ll be traveling around a bit over the next few weeks. I spent a day at the FemCamp in Bologna, and I’ll be up in London for a few days soon as well.

If anyone is interested in getting together for a chat, I’ll be at the 5th View Bar in Waterstones at 203-206 Piccadilly for the June 14th OpenCoffee meeting.

I look forward to meeting you!

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