May 2007 Press Roundup

Ok, here goes the Monthly Links Roundup for May. I love seeing this much enthusiasm about PassPack! Thanks everyone. This month I added some excerpts as well…

(the running list is on

  1. FreewareWiki – freeware & free info / PassPack
    “One of the readers here mentioned this service in a comment. I was curious and looked into it. It sounds absolutely terrific for the person who is always on the move and needs to access their passwords from any computer with internet access.”
  2. More PassPack News | The Privacy Guy
    “I’m using PassPack non-stop now and have moved all my passwords from my previous manager, PINs, to PassPack. I love this app!”
  3. Chicago Tribune | Hypertext
    “The most attractive is PassPack, because it resides online. I wouldn’t have to load software on every computer I use or lug around a USB drive containing password data.”
  4. PassPack – Tüm şifreleriniz bir yerde |
    “passpack isimli bu servise üye olarak tüm şifrelerinizi burada saklayabiliyorsunuz. Eğer farklı site ve servislere farklı şifreler veriyor ve bunları çabucak unutuyorsanız bu servis sizi bu dertten kurtarabilir.”
  5. Click on CLiC: Weak passwords – easy hacks
    “The security experts out there recommend using a password manager like Roboform or PassPack that store your passwords and allow you to use a master password on all the sites you visit.”
  6. special blend of security techniques protect passwords
    “US Government approved AES encryption ensures that only you can unlock that pack.”
  7. Packade lösenord at Kontoret på nätet
    “Om du däremot värdesätter en snabb inmatning, ett snyggt strömlinjeformat gränssnitt och en möjlighet att tagga dina poster, ja då ska du flytta rubbet till Passpack istället.”
  8. Techfare: Manage your account ID’s and password with
    Passpack provides some great features like you can add passwords manually or can enter it in bulk by importing CSV files and you can also export your passwords to a file.
  9. YooBus » Passpack: mirá, guardá y organiza tus passwords online.
    Claro que ya existen muchas aplicaciones de escritorio que permiten hacer lo mismo, pero siempre teníamos que andar llevándolas de pc en pc, lo que a veces resulta un poco molesto. Con Passpack esto se acabó.
  10. The Joel on Software Discussion Group – Thanks God. My Password Problems Has Gone.
    Today, I tried […] Now, I can manage my password much more easily.
  11. Computer Tips Newsletter [Powerful Password Manager ]
    All I needed was a secure list of my usernames and passwords that could be accessed anywhere. And I found exactly that with PassPack.
  12. Enes Bayram » PassPack – Tüm şifreleriniz bir yerde
  13. Web Based Password Manager |
    Currently the service is in beta stage and FREE. Don’t let that stop you from creating an account and taking advantage of one of the best web based utilities to come out in years.
  14. One password solution at Gifted Typist
    After all the belly aching about password fatigue, I’ve received a lot of information from companies offering solutions. So I tried one. And guess what? It worked. Passpack.
  15. Как прикрепить видеоролик? « Моя учеба на ФИЯ ПГПУ
    Для тех, кого напрягает необходимость постоянно выдумывать и запоминать новые пароли (например, Юля Кор-ва, это для Вас): ищите в вебе через
  16. PassPack, guarda tus contraseñas online de forma segura
    Para solucionar estos problemas podemos utilizar servicios como PassPack, una herramienta que nos permite almacenar nuestras contraseñas online de forma segura
  17. Web 2.0 Dienste: und Passpack
    Fort Knox-sicher soll das alles sein -obwohl, wie war das mit James Bond und “Goldfinger”…
  18. Percayakan Password Anda pada PassPack » Toha Mustofa Nurhabib
    A Free Online Password Manager and Personal Vault. The only one to merge high security with ease-of-use.
  19. PassPack Thinking about OpenID Implementation at Not So Relevant
    OpenID is targeting authentication while a password manager like PassPack is trying to make storage of passwords as secure as possible. However the PassPack folks are thinking about implementing OpenID for signing in to PassPack.
  20. Ronnie’s Tech Blog: Passpack and Clipperz
    As promised, I’ve been playing with Passpack and Clipperz for a few weeks now. And, I have to say, I like aspects of both of them. … [Clipperz] still isn’t as easy to use as Passpack.
  21. フィッシング対策に有効?PassPackが採用した「ウェルカムメッセージをユーザーに設定させる機能」 | S i M P L E * S i M P L E
  22. PassPack: All of your passwords in one (secure) pack! :
    Because it’s available at all times via the internet, PassPack’s portability eliminates the need for that USB flash drive that you have to carry around when accessing other computers.

For more information about PassPack, or to schedule an interview, please feel free to contact me.

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