Find Stuff Fast with PassPack

PassPack gives you three easy ways to find stuff fast: do a quick search, click on a tag or page through the alphabetical list.

The Quick Search

When you know what exactly what your looking for, use the Quick Search to get to it fast. In this example, I was looking for my Amazon account login. PassPack found what I needed faster than I could type the word “amazon”!

Quick Search

PassPack will quickly pull up all entries that contain the word you type. It doesn’t matter if the word shows up in the title, the link, the username or the notes – if you typed in “amazon” anywhere in your entry, PassPack will find it (and highlight it) for you.

Tag Surfing

Did you ever get that frustrating feeling when you can’t remember a word… you can almost remember it… it’s starts with an “a” … or maybe a “m” … no, no … but it has to do with shopping, you’re sure of it … that’s it… SHOPPING!

If you frequently tag your entries, you’re in luck. Just click on the “shopping” tag next to one of your entries, or in your tag list at the bottom of your screen.

Tag Surfing

PassPack will pull up all entries tagged with “shopping” and highlight the tag in yellow for you. You can label your entries with as many tags as you want.

Don’t know what Tags are? Read here.

An Alphabetical Order List

There are times when you are just browsing, or maybe you clicked on a tag that pulled up 2-3 pages of entries. Either way, to pass from page to page, just use the next and back buttons below your list.

Navigation Buttons

PassPack uses alphabetical order buttons that show you the first three letters of the first entry on that page. It’s very similar to the way things work at your local library.

As always, feel free to ask questions in the comments, or via email. Happy Packing!

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5 responses to “Find Stuff Fast with PassPack

  1. If you add a margin between the dark left column and the light center column on this blog it’ll be tons easier to read.

  2. . . . like how the text in the comments is bounded by an empty border . . .

  3. Hi Bob,
    Sorry, I’m not understanding what you mean. Would you mind contacting me via email? Maybe you can help me figure it out.


  4. The Quick Search is already great the way it is, but one thing that I’d like to see is broader Quick Search results… For example if I search for “email account” and there is an entry titled “email main account” it would still find it. Maybe this is more like keyword search? If it could do both that would be cool =)
    Thanks for the awesome site!

  5. @tom
    Hmmm…. we’ve had the opposite request too – that the quick search only match full words, not even partial words (ex. if I search for “mob”, don’t show me “T-mobile” but do show me “Mob Mania”)

    Advanced search options would be the only way to achieve all these variations. I’m on the fence on this one, tending towards: let’s just keep it simple.

    :) Cheers – Tara

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