PassPack Beta 5 – Coming Soon!

There’s been a lot going on behind there scenes here at PassPack as we prepare for the upcoming Beta 5 release at the end of the month in July. Here’s a brief overview of some of the changes that are coming about.

  • Auto-login tool (finally!)
    Automatically log into websites from your account. [demo]
  • Go There straight from your list
    Click to a site without opening the entry window. Great with auto-login.
  • Rapid Access
    Stay signed in for a week, avoid reinserting User ID and Pass every time.
  • Pass Strength Tester
    Measure your Pass, Packing Key, and the passwords in your entries.
  • Improved sign up
    1-2-3 instructions to get set up, plus print memo screen without popup.
  • More Import options
    Import from Roboform, more applications will be added over time.
  • More Export options (with tags)
    Export all entries, or just ones with certain tags.
  • Printing
    Print out a hard copy of your entries – all of them, or by tag.
  • Improved (Faster) Backup and Restore
    Click to download an encrypted backup of your data. Upload to restore.
  • Postponed > Two factor authentication
    For the hard core security buffs, no hardware needed.

We’ll continue to add new features even after the official Beta 5 release. So if there is something you were expecting for the next release, but don’t see listed above – let us know. There’s a good chance it’ll be soon to follow.

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10 responses to “PassPack Beta 5 – Coming Soon!

  1. Excellent news – can’t wait to try it out…

    Any more news on incorporating openid for the login?

  2. Hello Toby,
    OpenID integration is one of the items we’ll release shortly afterwards.


  3. so I need a third openID. an anonymous one to log into passpack.

    sure I need a password manager!

  4. What about adding clip board clear / delete? I know this may not be used with auto-login but it is still handy when copy /paste has been used with passwords etc. A click on a button should clear the clipboard.

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  6. @Delta Pi
    Cheers! You’ve got some time to get organized.

    It’s on the list, but there is no time frame assigned to it. As far as I know, we haven’t been able to find a cross browser way to control the clipboard.

  7. just1key has a button that works with IE, Firefox and Opera and probably others.

  8. @Simon
    Sorry, my reply wasn’t quite exact. Yes, J1K uses a Java applet to manage. Another common technique is to use embedded flash instead of a Java applet. So actually my comment should have read:

    “…we haven’t been able to find a cross browser way to control the clipboard with Javascript.”

    We’re trying to keep PassPack Javascript only, with nothing to install and no plug-ins needed. We’ve had some internal discussion as to whether or not an exception to that rule could be made. We’ve got to iron out the theory and evaluate the repercussions it could have on future releases (you’d be surprised how one tiny exception grows exponentially as time goes on).

    Sorry I know that’s not the answer you were hoping for.

  9. I hope a version of the UI can be developed that is optimized for the iPhone. The iPhone lacks any way to store important yet sensitive data and this appears to be the best possible solution.

  10. @Charley
    Yup, we’re aware of this situation with the iPhone. Right now we’re working on completing the Beta5. Keep watching the blog for more updates.


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