Catching up on PassPack News

I’m quite behind in posting about what’s happening here at PassPack. So here’s a quick rundown to get caught up…

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A couple of nice multimedia reviews.

The Chris Pirillo Show (watch the video here)
Jesus Geek (download Podcast mp3 here)

I love getting unsolicited reviews like this – waking up in the morning and seeing people speaking passionately about PassPack. It’s incredibly rewarding. Keep it up folks!

An open discussion: Are Password Managers useful?

ReadWriteWeb (read the comments, and leave your own)

I’m going to post a more in depth reply on the blog as soon as I can. So watch for it.

A chat with Bruce Perens. (wow!)

For those of you who don’t know, Bruce Perens is a leader in the Free Software and Open Source community and creator of the Open Source Definition, the manifesto of the Open Source movement in Software.

I had the unique privilege to participate in a small group discussion with Bruce and Italian bloggers. Bruce talked about open source in the business environment, net neutrality and gave some clear fresh perspectives on the software patents.

Particpants included Roberto Galoppini (organizer), Nicola Mattina, Fabio Masetti, Alessio Jacona, Luca Sartoni, Roldano De Persio, Leo Sorge, Francesco Romeo, Andrea Martines and Massimiliano.

Roldano took some lovely photographs, have a look (I’m the token female in that group).

A trip to London for an OpenCoffee.

PassPack went to London last week (that explains slow response time to some of your emails). We had a bit of a long trip beginning with the drive from the airport to the city – our bus got squashed between two trucks. No one was hurt, but it did take us seven hours, instead of one, to get to the hotel.

The wifi was a tad slow (understatement) and I wasn’t able to set up Thunderbird to send outgoing emails. Luckily, all I needed to do was click through to my webmail from my PassPack account and I was saved. [smile]

The OpenCoffee itself was a great place to meet people. I finally had an in-person chat with Cristiano Betta about integrating online identities and trust networks. Very interesting stuff, check out his blog for more info.

Improvements to the auto-login procedure.

We haven’t just been traveling the world – we’ve been hard at work too! A reader expressed concern about the auto-login as an exception to the Host-Proof Hosting pattern. His comments helped us make PassPack better. Thank you! The upcoming PassPack release will include the improved auto-login technique.

So if you have questions or concerns about PassPack – speak up. What you say actually makes a difference in the software we build for you.

Phew! That’s a lot of info for one post. Cheers to all.

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2 responses to “Catching up on PassPack News

  1. You came to London and you didn’t call! I only live an hour outside The Smoke! Meanwhile, I’ve just posted a blog entry on Sciencetext on making your passwords stronger, link this up with my passwords for scientists concept and Passpack and you could be on to a winner.

    David Bradley

  2. @David
    Oh! I didn’t know. Well, I’ll be back again soon at some point – I’ll be sure to shoot you an email first and we’ll meet for a coffee. Cheers!

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