San Jose Mercury News, Tech Monday

This Monday morning, the San Jose Mercury News published Steve Johnson’s article in their Tech Monday section that goes something like this:

To manage your new, non-repeating, complex passwords, you’ll need to trust the computer. Some password management programs have been around for years, with solid security records.

I’m planning to play around with three, each of which would require me to remember only one password to access all my others. The most attractive is PassPack, because it resides online. I wouldn’t have to load software on every computer I use or lug around a USB drive containing password data. (my emphasis)

Some of you may recognize that excerpt. In fact, Steve’s article seems to have grown legs and trotted happily all over the country: Chicago (IL), Fort Wayne (FL), Tucson (AZ), Olympia (WA) and now San Jose (CA)!

Just another sign that password fatigue has reached new heights. Everyone should choose – and use – a password manager.

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5 responses to “San Jose Mercury News, Tech Monday

  1. I signed up for PassPack, but no where did it tell me how to use it. So I dumped it. It would be usefull if there was some information on how to use it !!!

  2. I found PassPack to be very easy and intuitive. If you look around you’ll find instructions.

    Try this:

  3. Hello Alan,
    I’m sorry you had a hard time finding information. This is our biggest flaw right now. I don’t know if you’ve seen the announcement on the blog about our upcoming Beta 5 release (end of the month), but this will also include a site redesign and the introduction of a help section.

    The link Mark pointed out above is a good starting point.

    Would you mind telling me what information you were looking for? If I know what you need, I can make sure it’s easier to find. I really appreciate you’re help, thank you.

    Also, I reply personally to all support emails, so if you’d like to try again I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions. Sorry to see you go.


  4. It is exciting to see a local newspaper (San Jose Mercury) write such a positive article about PassPack. I have done an extensive amount of research on PassPack and other similar sites/programs. I have found PassPack to be second to none. I have even signed up an account for our Company to store critical information that is shared between the Officers of our Company. Thanks Tara!

  5. Hello Jon,
    Glad to hear that kind of enthusiasm – thanks!

    Just one thing though, please make read the Terms & Conditions. We can’t accept financial data while in Beta – Sorry, I know it’s a pain, but we feel it’s the most responsible decision.


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