Adding your First Entry

First, what is a PassPack Entry Window? It’s the form that you fill out in order to insert your logins, password or other information into your PassPack account. If you have not yet added an Entry, just press the Add one now link on your main page to get started.

Here’s what the Entry Window looks like (not to scale):

Fill in the Entry Window
(in the Example, filled out for a typical website login)


Pick a Title that makes sense to you. This is what you’ll see in your list so you need know what it means. “Delta website”, “Amazon” and “Yahoo Mail” are all good examples.

User ID, Password & Link

If you want to store information about a website login, then these are the main fields you should fill in. Every website calls the User ID something different: username, login, customer number, user, id. Some site even use your email in lieu of this – that’s Ok. No matter what the website calls it, you can type it into the User ID field.

The Password is the password you use to enter the website (User ID and password are usually a couple – they go hand in hand).

The Link is simply the address to the website. This is usually something like

You can leave any of these fields blank if you don’t have the information, or if you’re inserting some other type of information like registration codes, phone numbers, travel plans, or just a note.


Put whatever you want in the Notes field: notes, emails, codes, dates, etc. This a space for you to write whatever you want to.


Tags are like little labels that help you keep things organized. You can make as many as you’d like, or none at all. The choice is yours. Tags should be one word separated by spaces: “blue” is a tag; “blue frog” are two tags (blue and frog); “blue-frog” is one tag.

The Generate Button

Next to the password filed, you’ll see a generate button. If you don’t already have a password for a website, then you can press this button. It will open up the password generator where you can have PassPack make a password for you – so you don’t have to think it up yourself.

The Go There Button

If you have inserted a link in the Link field, then pressing the go there button will open the website in another window. It’s just a fast way of getting there.

Cancel & OK

Press the OK button to add the entry to your list. Press Cancel if you’ve changed your mind and you no longer want to add this entry to your list.

I pressed OK – what next?

Once you press OK, the Entry Window will close and you’ll see a screen like this (not to scale):

Your First Entry
(this is what it’ll look like from now on)

You now have 1 entry. If you would like to add more, press the Add Entry button and the blank Entry Window will open again and you can fill it in as you did before.

When you are done, make sure to press that big red Save my Pack button.

That’s it. You’re done.

There is plenty more you can do with PassPack, but this is the basis to get you rolling. Problems? Questions? Just send me an email and I’ll do my best to help.

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  1. No time to work on project will hold for next weekind. Thanks for the reply

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