Beta 5 Release Date Change

Update – Beta5 has been released. Read all about it here.

Just a notice to all those waiting: the Beta 5 release of PassPack is getting slid back by a couple of weeks. Primarily, we need some extra time testing the recent changes to the auto-login tool, but we’re also having some wrestling matches with Safari (grrr).

Thanks in advance for your patience.

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4 responses to “Beta 5 Release Date Change

  1. Will you support Safari 3 Beta for PC?

  2. @Simon
    Yes. That’s the plan.

  3. When will this be available it is now the 12th of July, the auto-login tool is very important to my continued use, I have been using Clipperz, but would like to switch to you, however with no autologin it really is counterintuitive to my work time as it takes copying and pasting.

  4. @James
    I’m just as anxious as you. We are having severe delays and I understand that this is problematic. It’s quite stressing for us as well.

    We’ve solved the problems with both Safari and the auto-login, and are now dealing with the work that was pushed back because of those delays.

    In an effort to get the auto-login out as soon as possible, we may release without those features that got rescheduled, then work them in little by little post-release.

    I’m expecting that we’ll manage shortly. I’ve not posted further dates because I don’t want to have to slide them back again.

    Thanks for your patience. It’s greatly appreciated.

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