Using Tags in PassPack

A few people have asked if PassPack supports categories, or folders for organizing entries. Actually, no, we prefer tags.

If you are already familiar with Tags, Tag surfing and Tag clouds, then you can skip this article. If not… read on. It’ll open up a whole new world.

What is a Tag?

Tags are mini, one-word descriptions that you use to label your entries.

Why are tags useful?

Using tags helps you keep organized, and find stuff faster. Plus… you can say you know how to tag surf! [ooooh…. aaaah….]

How do I add a tag?

When adding or editing an entry, look down near the bottom of the entry window and you’ll see a “Tags” field. Type in one tag at a time separated by a space – tags can’t contain spaces, they are one-word, mini labels.

If you want a two-word tag, either just lump them together (ex. pokergame) or use a dash (ex. poker-game). If you write “poker game” it’ll be considered two different tags: “poker” and “game”.
You can add as many tags as you’d like, and PassPack will also suggest your previously used tags as you type. Here’s what that looks like:

Tag Auto Complete
“News” is one tag. While typing the second, PassPack suggested those with “s”.

I added a Tag … now what?

The first time you add a tag, you’ll notice an extra column will be added to your main list that contains the tags. Also, on the bottom of the screen, what’s called a Tag cloud will be added.

If you’ve only got one or two tags, the tag cloud may be a little sad looking, but with time, you’ll grow to appreciate it. The tags you use most are bigger than the others.

Tag Cloud
A section of my Tag cloud. Guess what I spend the most time on…

How do I “tag surf”?

If you would like to see all entries for a given tag, you can click on the tag from either in the tag column, or in the tag cloud. PassPack will filter all of your entries showing you only those with that tag – it’s lightning fast.

Congratulations – you’re now a tag surfer [smile].

Any examples?

Sure. Here’s how I, personally, use tags:

All websites where I maintain a public “about me” profile, get tagged profile. Every now and then, I click the profile tag and visit all those sites to make sure my information is up to date.

All shopping sites get tagged shopping, and then the type of items they sell, like books, clothes, flowers, etc.

Sometimes I store important phone, fax and emails in an entry instead of a website link. I tag these contact. If it’s a customer support number, I also tag it support. If it’s emergency information (like the phone number for stolen credit cards) I also tag it 911.

I also store a software registration keys and activation numbers. These get tagged software. if it also contains a link to a support forum, I’ll add support as well.

Really, the trick is just using whatever comes to mind.

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