Backups & Backup Keys

PassPack Backups are encrypted. By default, your Packing Key is used to do this encryption – but you can also set a different Backup Key if you’d like.

To make a backup, click your Tools tab, then the Backup link. If you’d like to set a separate Backup Key (it’s optional) select the I want to provide a different Backup Key option.

Two fields will appear. Type in the Backup Key that you’d like to use – it must have a quality rating of 64 or better (actually 128 would be best) then repeat it to make sure you haven’t mistyped.

Why use a Backup Key?

Setting a specific Backup Key can be useful is a variety of situations. The most common which comes to mind is when you want to move data between accounts.

You would make a backup with a Backup Key from the first account. Then, in the second account, use the restore function to fill that account with the backed up data. You can safely give swap data this way with another person without revealing your usual Packing Key.

If you’re having problems with Restore

If you’ve changed your Packing Key between Backup and Restore, then use your old Packing Key as the Backup Key. In this case, when you go to restore your data, choose the Backup Key option and type in your old Packing Key, then continue as usual.

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