Copy, Paste & Save Exported Data

Please remember that it is not a good idea to save exported data to your computer (read why here), but if you must, here are the steps on how to do that.

Click on your Tools tab, then Export to get to the export screen. Choose your options, then press the Continue button. You’ll see a screen with a big blue-grey box. Now, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Select all of the text. To do this, right-click the text box and choose “select all” from the menu.
  2. Right click on the selected text and choose “copy”.
  3. Now, go to your computer’s desktop screen and right-click. Choose “new”, then “text document”.
  4. When the document appears, right-click and choose “paste”.
  5. Save your new document in a safe place on your computer, or on a USB key drive (if you have one).

Why won’t you just save it for me?

We’d love to, really. But that wouldn’t be safe because your passwords would have to travel over the Internet. What you are seeing in the big box was produced inside your browser only – it never traveled over the Internet, and so it is safe.

If you’re having problems, just ask for help.

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