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  1. UPDATE Nov. 5, 2007

    The fastest way to get help with an auto-login issue is to tell us here

    (I did a little cleaning up in the comments to remove old requests for website training)


  2. Hi Tara,

    (This post is sent as an email to you in parallel)

    I just became aware of PassPack and created an account immediately to test it. I also imported my Roboform passcards.

    In fact, I’m pretty happy with Roboform, except the fact that it doesn’t work on Linux, which I definitely need.

    Your approach to the problem is pretty innovative, but let’s try to compare it with Roboform, which I guess the heavy-weight of this area.

    Using Roboform, to login to a site:
    1- I fire up my browser, most probably, this is Firefox
    2- If it’s a site that I frequently visit, I click on the button on my links tab
    3- Site comes up, at the same time, roboform finds the passcard.
    4- I click the roboform button, it asks for my password,and it fills and submits the form. (if the password was not previously given)

    The password does not need to be strong, making it strong is my choice. A dilemma between usability and safety. Typing long passwords is boring, 8 characters but enough complex is enough for me.

    Consequent logins are without password depending on how I configured the timeout.

    With PassPack,

    1- I fire up my browser, I always fire it up with only 1 tab for speed, which is google.com/ig
    2- I double click the PassPack link on my browser links tab
    3- I login (Your site gives a score of 49 to my Roboform password, so I had to use something else which is more boring to type)
    4- I login again to open the passcards (2 passwords!!!, time consuming)
    5- While holding 1 on the keyboard, I click the Star with the mouse to enable 1-Click-Auto-Login feature (very intuitive!)
    6- I click the link in the tab bar of firefox to open my favorite site.
    7- I click “PassPack It!” button to login to site.

    Hopefully, it works.

    6- Asuming that I ordered my passcards to make the site come up first in the password manager list, I click the “Go” button
    7- I click “PassPack It!” button to login to site.

    if not in first page of Password Manager:
    6- I click the entry field to search for the site,
    7- type few characters to locate the site
    8- Click the GO button for the site
    9- Click the PassPack It! button to login

    I feel something may be wrong in this process, it seems not very user friendly, especially the part that the user needs to open a website and has to login with two passwords and click to some things to enable a functionality then make some other clicks to login.

    What I suggest is:
    – A Browser plugin which communicates with the server. The server stores the passwords and login information.
    – The plugin asks “one master password” (not more!) to the client if it’s the first time within the predefined period.
    – Plugin obtains the login data and fills it in and submits

    If the site was not in database:
    – Plugin asks for input to register the site to the PassPack database.
    – If password was not previously given within a predefined period, asks for password

    This would be the perfect balance between usability, portability and security.

    OK, there may be some people, or you may have some constraints on this one-mater-password, then:
    – Why not let the user decide how many passwords he wants to deploy
    – Worst case, two-password login may still be acceptable

    In general, it may be right to comment that a browser-plugin is more functional in terms of possibilities to find login forms or adapting to the existing sites, i.e. in a site where it’s possible to login from multiple pages:
    – Roboform understands this and logs you in
    – PassPack needs to re-learn and/or make a new database entry (correct me if I’m wrong)

    The PassPack website shall only be used for these functions:
    – The computer is shared and does not have the plugin
    – User likes the current PassPack methodology and specifically wants to use the website and PassPack It! button stuff
    – For configuration changes

    Personally, having to login to a site first to have access to my passcards doesn’t really seem appealing to me and would definitely not drive me away from Roboform (if Roboform had a linux client).

    I would be very much willing to have a “Firefox Plugin” which automatically:
    – Asks for one password
    – Logins to PassPack automatically with the pre-given info
    – Enables one-click login

    Thank you very much for your time to read and possibly comment,

    Best regards,


  3. Hans Nordhaug

    (I’m not Tara – just a regular PassPack user.)


    to me it sounds as you don’t really want PassPack at all. In stead of trying to turn PassPack into Roboform, you should ask the Roboform developers for a Linux version (or try som other password manager that runs on Linux).

    The reason most of us like PassPack is:
    1) That it runs in any browser, without the need for any browsers extensions, or any other software.
    2) That my password are completely safe (because they are encrypted before they are sent to the PassPack server). Entering one extra password each morning is a small price to pay for that security. I would stop to use PassPack immediately if they started to use just one password…

    In general I don’t see why you complain about these few extra initial, once every day, steps – the extra password and that you actively have to turn on 1-Click login. (You turn it on by going to the Auto-login page – very intuitive.) What matters is the rest of the day, where you only have to do two operations – go to the site and click the “PassPack it!” button.

    However, there is one issue that you mention, “sites where it’s possible to login from multiple pages”, that PassPack could handle better. And I guess, they could make “1-Click login always enabled” an option?

  4. Hi Hans,

    Thank you very much for your valuable comments.

    Maybe you’re right, I’m also looking into Keepass for the moment.

    All this doesn’t mean that I didn’t like PassPack. It IS a good idea and I would really like the backend to be on a server so I’m completely mobile. Coming to your points:

    1) You need to install your “PassPack It!” button on this browser. What’s the difference between installing a “one-time” add-on? Note that I don’t say we give up this functionality, what I want is additional functionality.

    2) I don’t say that we need to give up this function neither. Encryption is fully essential. However, instead of only having a “button” to do it, I would like to have an Add-on, which won’t require me to open a page to login to the site, with configurable level of how many passwords I want to type.

    3) Unfortunately, each time I close my browser, I need to login again. Please don’t ask me why I close my browser, I just do. can have many reasons.
    Each time I relaunch it, it means typing 2 passwords plus proving that I’m not a robot. Let me know if I’m wrong or if there’s a predefinable time frame which is independent of browser lauching and closing.

    4) This “Proving that I’m not a robot” was missed in my 7 step launch process description.

    Thanks again for any comments,

    Best regards,


  5. Hı again,

    Just found some more settings. Relaxed IP address lookup, Robot Questioning, will test like this now.

    The only remaining problem now seems to be the need to open the site and keeping it open.

    Of course, still keeping aside the teaching-learning and success rate on possibility to login, but I’m sure this will improve over time.


  6. Hello Erme,
    Wow you’ve been active! Thanks for all the feedback. I see that Hans ha addressed some issues with you. It’s really great to get all this user insight.

    We’re certainly not apposed to the idea though its the type of development which will come “sometime later on”. Regardless, it would always be an optional addition to the PassPack website and would have to conform to our standards – that’s a must.

    You can use the remember me function to skip directly through to the Packing Key screen:

    Read more on Remember Me.

    That’s actually the anti-phishing welcome message. Here’s how to set it up. Once you do, you can use the remember me function I mentioned above – no more need to click on the black square.

    How the Anti-phising Welcome Message Works

    Yes, some sites are cranky. If you can’t train a site, justtell us here and we’ll take care of it for you.

    I hope that helps.

  7. Hi Hans,
    Check out this link, we’ve improved the multiple logins you mentioned:

    Same Site, Multiple Logins


  8. Hans F. Nordhaug

    I had completely forgotten about the “remember me” function – I’ll start using it myself. Only typing the login password once every week is a big improvement (even if it’s slightly less secure because of the cookie).

  9. I will try to use a Firefox plugin that makes the TAB’s minimal.

    For the moment:
    – Firefox launches 2 homepages,
    1) iGoogle
    2) PassPack

    and I’ll try to make this PassPack minimal so that it doesn’t take up much space.

    I’m also trying to find something to “automate” the 1-click-auto-login feature, possibly with a macro utility. (I don’t like to type 1-z or click some buttons to enable it).

    Why can’t we have an option to “enable it by default” when password is given?


  10. Hi Erme,
    Yup, that’s on the to-do list.

  11. @Hans
    Great, I use the remember me all the time, makes starting up every morning a little quicker.

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  14. Emre

    If you are still looking for a plugin for firefox that will make your passpack tab as small as possible you should check out FaviconizeTab (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/3780). What it does is it makes the tab only display the favicon so it is only the width of that image. You can even set it to automatically faviconize websites as soon as you go to them. I now have a little passpack tab at the side of my screen all the time which is great!

    Hope this is useful to some people!

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