PassPack Beta 5 – Launched!

Many of you have already noticed the change, but here’s the official notice: PassPack Beta 5 is online. Just sign into your account and it will be automatically updated.

First and foremost – THANK YOU to everyone for being patient. We’re going to work very hard so that we don’t ever keep you waiting like that again. Please let us know if you encounter errors, problem, issues or have questions. Oh… praise is welcome too. [wink]

Blaringly Obvious Changes

The new website graphics, and we’ve managed to integrate the blog with that as well. That giant red Sign Up button just makes me giddy! Hope you like it.

Slick New Features

Yup, you’ve now got auto-login, an inline help system, and a rip roaring new backend with suped-up encryption (AES-256 and SHA-256). Want more? Ok…

Here’s what has been released:

Here’s what will be integrated after the initial release:

  • Faster Restore (for remaining browsers)
  • Now Complete > Improved Import (with Roboform support)
  • Now Complete > Improved Export (with tags)
  • Now Complete > Printing (with tags)
  • Two factor authentication
  • OpenID integration

The Help Articles

We’re using the blog for our help articles. Those of you who follow our RSS feed may have noticed a river of new posts in the last hour – sorry about that. I’ll be expanding on these, so you’re feed reader may get a bit of a workout.

Thank you testers!

Now, some thanks to some very specific people – the Beta5 testers who ran PassPack through the wringer in record time. Here’s the list of our all-stars (in completely random order):

Thanks everyone for all the feedback, and for dedicating your time to helping us out. It’s greatly appreciated. We know that this had to be one of the shortest user testing periods in history – Fabulous work folks!

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6 responses to “PassPack Beta 5 – Launched!

  1. First things first.. I love the new release… it has eased up a lot of troubles in beta4. Kudos to PassPack team for their continuous efforts. It works as expected for all the features released. I will not go through each list that works.. They just work

    Next my grips.. I’m sure you want to hear these alot for improving further:
    1. The login link on the homepage is too small to be useful. Once I knew, there was no problem.. but the first time I was on redesigned homepage, I was literally searching for “login” for few minutes. All I can see was Signup. Please, Please fix this. Yes, the red Sign Up button is “giddy”, but we need our eyes on Login too

    2. The new blog design is more of a guide to PassPack. It doesn’t seem like a Blog. I can’t navigate the posts chronologically. Or am I missing something really silly?

  2. Hi Raghu!
    Thanks for the kind words. On your comments…

    1. I know, that’s actually a choice to push you to connect directly to the login page instead of passing through the homepage. This not only saves us some bandwidth (every little bit helps), but it should also be faster for you.

    Here’s how to bookmark the sign in page directly:

    2. Your right – and I just changed it. If you connect to then you’ll see the most recent entries. If you click through from the News & More link on the website, then you’ll see that “guide to PassPack” page.

    Also, check the “Most Recent Articles” just above the Blog Menu. That lists the three most recent posts. Since I don’t post very frequently, three seemed like enough for now.


  3. Tara,

    Thanks for responding.. I’m liking more and more with this new build of passpack each passing day. This is by far, your best release

    Thanks for changing the blog layout. It looks much better now

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  5. Hi all,

    I absolutely love PassPack, it gives my brain a rest from remembering tons of passwords :)

    I personally can’t wait for the OpenID integration since VeriSign’s Personal Identity Provider (PIP) allows you to use Microsoft’s new “Information Cards” (a.k.a CardSpace) to sign-in. But that’s not all (I know it sounds like an AD lol), they also allow signing into your OpenID using hardware Security Tokens, enabling true “Two-factor authentication”.

    Keep up the good work guys.

    PS: I developed a dislike towards Clipperz due to that blog entry on their site criticizing PassPack’s auto-login feature.

  6. @Sauron
    Thanks! That’s great to hear. We’ve got a long list still of things to wrap up for the Beta5, but OpenID is certainly still there.

    Cheers and thanks again!

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