PassPack Getting Started Guide

PassPack is an online password manager, providing you with a place to store your passwords and other sensitive data. A screenshot and features can be found here.

PassPack has been built with ease of use in mind. Nonetheless, if this is the first time that you are using a password manager, the following will help you getting set up with PassPack.

Intro: What PassPack does, and doesn’t do

PassPack is a secure repository. That means it lets you store your passwords in a way that is (1) safe and (2) easy to keep organized. PassPack gives you the tools (we’ll go over them later) to do things like find your weak passwords and make them stronger. However, these are just tools – you will need to do these things yourself, PassPack will just help you move things along.
What PassPack can’t do: PassPack can not automatically change your passwords for you on sites that you belong to, and it can’t sign you up for sites automatically. PassPack doesn’t do anything you don’t tell it to do.

PassPack Video Tutorial

1. Sign up for a free PassPack account

Go here and press the big red button. You’ll be given a chance to choose your User ID and a Pass, followed by a Packing Key. That last key is what lets PassPack work it’s security magic, here’s how.

Choose your credentials wisely – remember these are the keys to your kingdom – here’s some tips. You will be given the possibility to print these out when you’ve completed registration, so be creative.

2. Fill up your account

Getting Started with PassPack will walk you through how to hunt down your passwords and getting them organized into your PassPack account.

3. Change weak passwords

This article will explain how to do a search and destroy on your weak passwords, and how turn them into strong ones. This will help protect you from identity theft.

4. Protect yourself from phishing

PassPack has defined an innovative anti-phishing mechanism. Use it.

5. Want more?

Read this article for tips on using PassPack, and how to fit it into your daily routine.

This is meant to be a jumping off point where you can learn more. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly – my name is Tara, I’m a PassPack founder and I answer all of my emails in a timely fashion.

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