How to Delete your Account

You are free to delete your PassPack account whenever you wish, either from within your Account tab, or by sending us a request. Here’s how.

Important: Once deleted, your account and all of your data is completely and irreversibly removed from PassPack’s servers. You can’t undo. It’s gone. It might be a good idea to export or backup your data first.
If you are unsatisfied – please tell us why. You can write me (Tara) directly. Maybe we can fix whatever it is that is bothering you. Thanks for your help!

Do it yourself

It’s very simple. Click on the Account tab and click the Delete link in the last sentence of the introductory text.

Where the Delete Link Is

You will then be asked to insert your Packing Key to confirm that you are sure. Click Delete to permanently delete your account. If you’ve changed your mind – just click any other link on the screen and the delete screen will disappear.

Send us an Account Deletion request

If you do not have access to your account then you can still request that the account be deleted. Most requests that we get of this type are folks that signed up for a PassPack account, then forgot their login information, and would like to delete the account to start over.

To request an account deletion, please do one of the following two things:

Send us your Client Code (the number assigned to you at sign up)

Send us your User ID, please use the email address that you verified in your account.

If you do not have enough information for either of those two options, then we can not delete the account. This is a security measure to ensure that the person asking for the account deletion is actually the account owner, and not a malicious impersonator.

However, all accounts left abandoned for six months, will be automatically deleted (it’s in the Terms and Conditions). If you are unable to sign in, then it will eventually be deleted on its own.

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