16 responses to “PassPack True 1 Click Auto-Login

  1. Very nice! However, the multiple-entry thing will get me a lot, as I have several sets of entries that all go to the same URL (a work and a personal account, for example, at the same place). I’d really like to see some way of picking which credentials to use for a site were I have multiple, perhaps with a popup of some sort after I click the bookmarklet? (I don’t know if that’s possible or not.) Otherwise, very nice! Looks like a good response to the Clipperz one-click login system that I’ve heard others complain about (how you take two whole clicks :-)

    What about a way to click the Go button and have it auto-login to the site without having to click the bookmarklet (also saving having to install it on a new computer, or one I’m using temporarily)? That would solve the which-credentials problem and be more secure than one-click I would think, but again I’m not a JavaScript guy so I don’t know what’s in the realm of possibility. But again, nice work!

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  3. Hi Tara,

    I have a similar question like David’s. Is it possible to actually click on the Go button and have PassPack auto login instead of having to click the bookmarklet again.

    Also, is there any plan for releasing an iPhone/mobile version of PassPack?

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  5. very nice , thx i use this stuff

  6. I made an error when setting up a 1 Click Login. I can’t figure out how to change it. Do I have to delete the entry entirely and start again with a new item in my pack?

  7. @physio

    No need to delete your entry. Just send us the link to the website and we’ll reset it for you.

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  10. This is a GREAT feature and I’ve really been enjoying using it :)
    The only change I’d like to see is to make the feature easier to enable – right now it takes 3 clicks, can we get it down to 1 or at least 2? The extra info is useful, but there should be a quicker way once I’ve read it all 100,000,000 times ;)

  11. Hi Tom,
    You got it. It’s coming up in the next release. Cheers!

  12. @ Tara: Hey that’s great! The best gets better ^_^
    Also I hadn’t seen the tip:
    Secret Tip: A little hidden trick for quickly turning on 1 Click Login is to press z+1 on your keyboard

    Not sure how new that is, but it’s very helpful =)

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