PassPack Updates

This morning PassPack got an update. In addition to the 1 Click Login (which I just love), we expanded the Auto-login tab in general, made some changes to the Password Manager list, and did a couple more minor tweaks.

It’s all based on your feedback – so thanks for the help!

I’ll be updating the help articles and screenshots over the course of the day, so bear with me.

Password Manager List

Based on your feedback, we’ve moved the Go button to the left hand side of the list, right next to the entry title, and changed the link field from full text to a check mark to make space for the longer title field.

PassPack Screenshot - Password Manager

Ordered Tags

Tags are listed in alphabetical order (though they remain in the order you typed them in when you open the entry window).

Auto-Login Tab Reorganized

We’ve added more screens to the Auto-login tab, and added some help text to the main page. If you haven’t activated your button yet, you’ll only see one option in the submenu: Activate your button. Once activated, you can have the following options:

  • Deactivate your Button. On this screen you can temporarily deactivate all the buttons you’ve ever installed. (Reactivating later, will turn them all back on)
  • Install your button. You can do this on as many computers as you like, so it’s always available to you in case you’re logged in someplace new and would like to use your button. You can also regenerate your button which will cause every button you have ever installed to stop working permanently. You will need to reinstall them all. For extra security, you can periodically regenerate your button, especially after use in a public space.
  • 1 Click Login You’re now free to browse the internet and click away on your PassPack It! button without having to flip back and forth to your PassPack account. How to use it here.
    Safari 3 Windows users – you might have problems with this. We’ve included an “old” button that you can use should the new one not work. We’re working on a fix.

Inline Help

When in doubt, click on the Help link in the upper right hand corner of the screen. We’ve added the Help link to the Entry Window and Password Generator popups as well.

If anyone runs into problems, please let me know. And keep the suggestions coming. We’re listening!

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