1 Click Login on C|NET’s Webware

Josh Lowensohn, a self declared “sucker for password tools”, did a nice follow-up review of PassPack’s 1 Click Login feature. He had this to say…


“A solution I’ve been using for some months is Roboform, […] This morning I’ve been playing around with a new feature from PassPack (review), which does the same thing sans software.”

Josh also has some advice for us:

“When visiting a site with multiple accounts, PassPack will defer to the newer log-in for that site. Roboform, on the other hand, pops up to give you a small list of log-ins you can pick and choose from. “

Ok. We’re listening – thanks for the feedback! Always appreciated.

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3 responses to “1 Click Login on C|NET’s Webware

  1. Hans Nordhaug

    Another feature request:

    Passpack should understand that example.org/index.html very likely is the same page as example.org, and allow/attempt “1 Click login” also when viewing example.org/index.html. (I always store the URLs in Passpack without the default index page.) Passpack can probably detect if the form is missing and give an error message.

    PS! There are some common default index pages – index.htm(l?)|asp|php, default.htm(l?)|asp|php and so on.

  2. Hey, I did give the same advice about multiple login credentials popup three days before Josh’s review pinged the same post where I made the suggestion :-)

  3. @Hans,
    Yup, we’ll work on it. We’ve got a list of tweaks that need to be figured out. But definitely keep letting us know what you find – every bit helps. Thanks.

    Yes :) You sure did.

    Thanks guys.

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