PassPack is Changing Servers

Service announcement. In order to support PassPack’s growth, we’re moving to a new location. I want to describe the process here, so everyone knows what to expect.

We’re working to make this as transparent to you as possible, but if you have any questions, or run into any problems, please let us know and we’ll hop to it.

Most users won’t even notice the difference, but those of you who are interested in the process, please read on.

  1. COMPLETE » We’ve registered, and placed this on the new server. The domain is covered by an SSL certificate. We’re going to use this as a service domain during transfer.
  2. COMPLETE » Some of the more advanced users might have already noticed that the Javascript libraries are being loaded up from, not (both HTTPS). These were the first items to move to the new system.
  3. COMPLETE » Once we’re ready (not yet, there’s still some work to do), we’re going to move the rest of the application to the domain. This will cause a short (read-only) period which will be announced first so that you can prepare for it.
  4. IN PROGRESS » Afterwards, we’ll transfer the domain to the new server. The application will be run on of the domain until fully propagates to the new server.
    Sept. 2, 2007 — The system is temporarily running from the address:
    Sept. 3, 2007 — The domain propagation is complete for most people.
  5. To avoid having to connect to during the propagation period (12 – 72 hours), the old will simply load the application in a frame so that you can continue to connect to and bookmarks will continue to work. The remember me function will probably get cranky during this procedure (just reset it).

Once propagation is complete, the website and application will all run completely on again. All references to will be removed.

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4 responses to “PassPack is Changing Servers

  1. Hans Fredrik Nordhau

    This is excellent news! Lately things have be slow from time to time, and I expected it to be a growth issue…

    Many, all (?), of Passpack users realize that there is a significant cost just running the servers at the needed level of security, speed and up-time. However, many of us might not need a premium service (even if was priced as low as 5$/month). What about a “minimum” service at say 10$ a year, i.e., more like a donation? At least I would be more than willing to pay that amount – Passpack is really turning into a great tool.


  2. @Hans,
    Thank you. We’ll certainly consider it. :)

  3. @Hans,

    What a great idea, I will be more than happy to donate/pay $10 a year, maybe even a bit more, for such a wonderful service as PassPack.


  4. @Sauron – Thanks to you too. :)

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