Explorer Performance Bug – REMOVED

PassPack was inaccessible for some Explorer users during the night. This morning the system is now back up and running. Should you come across any more problems, please contact us immediately.

What happened

An updated library was not “writing” to the screen causing there to be no fields to fill in during Sign in or Sign up.

To our knowledge, only Internet Explorer was effected. Firefox, Safari, Mozilla and Opera all continued to work properly.

We have rolled back the system to a previous version of the library. Everyone should be able to properly access the system again.

What are the consequences

Our response time was slow and this caused a huge inconvenience for our users. Data was in no way effected. You may connect to your PassPack account normally now.

If you continue to have problems,or if you have questions, please let me know.

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2 responses to “Explorer Performance Bug – REMOVED

  1. Does this mean that an update was placed on the server without proper testing on Internet Explorer?

    That would worry me…

  2. Rene,
    Sorry, let me expand. When we do any updates, the hardest thing for us to test are the interface elements. We’re a small structure, offering a free service, and are unable to replicate all the combinations of browser/version/build/operating system that you guys use out there in the real world. Sometimes even which plugins are installed an a particular machine can interfere (though that’s not the particular case here). As a result, we rely very heavily on user feedback. Often, after an update users will write in with bug reports, and we get them fixed as quickly as possible.

    This morning in the inbox we found reports of not being able to login, and everyone was reporting the same thing: no fields to type into. Not everyone included their browser/OS information, but those who did mentioned Explorer. We were unable to pinpoint the problem right away, and since it was blocking access, we rolled the system back so that users could get back in. This is why I marked the post “removed” and not “fixed”.

    We’re doing our best to keep up with the surprising growth of PassPack – planning a server move, keeping new features rolling out, etc – but while our goal is to arrive at a non-beta release in which we can guarantee uptime, we are still currently in Beta.

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