Domain transfer in progress

The PassPack application is now completely running off of the new server. We’ll be moving the domain name soon too. We’re almost done…

We have now begun step 4 of the plan to change servers. This may last 12-72 hours depending on how fast (or slow) the domain propagates. Until propagation is complete, you will continue to be redirected to:

And it’ll look like this:

Temporary PassPack Screen

Once it is complete however, you’ll see again, and that big red message will disappear from the top of your screen. The process will then be complete and things should get back to normal again here at PassPack.

UPDATE: It seems the propagation is going very quickly. For many of you it may already be complete.

Support Emails

There might also be a lag in our reply time, or some emails that could get lost in the shuffle. If you send us an email, and do not hear back from us in a reasonable time, please send us a reminder — we don’t want to miss any of your emails.

As an alternative, you can leave a comment on this page saying “please contact me” and I’ll get right back to you. Or write to

Thanks again for the enormous patience you’ve all been demonstrating!

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One response to “Domain transfer in progress

  1. Hans Nordhaug

    Small change after the move – (which I had bookmarked) – no longer works. Adding the www prefix solves the (minor) problem. ( works – it redirects to


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