PassPack Offline Version

No Internet connection? No problem. PassPack has released a fully functional Offline Version of it’s online password manager.

Download it now!
(installation instructions included)

With the Offline Version, you can download your data from your PassPack account, then access and manage it whenever you wish – no need for an internet connection – thanks to Google Gears.

Saving & Syncing your stuff

This is not a read only version, you are free to make changes and save them locally. To synchronize your online and offline accounts, use the backup and restore functions.

The next offline version release will include more advanced synchronization options.

What you need to make it work

The PassPack Offline Version relies on Google Gears, so you’ll need to make sure your system is compatible. Check here for Windows, Mac and Linux.

If you’re compatible, then just follow the instructions on our download page. If not, please let us know so that we can tally up how many users need a non-Gears offline version and plan properly for you guys.


Google Gears creates a different local database for each type of browser. So it’s a good idea to always use the same browser to access your Offline Version of PassPack.

However, every cloud has a silver lining. Since the Offline version is only built to manage one PassPack account, you could use two different browsers to manage two different Offline accounts.

Read the FAQ

I’ve put together this PassPack & Google Gears FAQ – read through it and if you still have questions feel free to ask.


The Offline Version is nearly identical to the PassPack Online version. We’ve tested the download and install instructions in Windows only, so if you are using a different platform, please let us know how it goes. Thanks.

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26 responses to “PassPack Offline Version

  1. ha-ha! I got you!
    (Vi avevo sgamato per bene!)

  2. Indeed you did. ;)

  3. Wow, this was a huge surprise, wasn’t expecting it to be released so quickly.

    However, I would like an offline version that I can just pop onto my USB flash drive, and take it with me wherever I go, and use it on any PC without the need for 3rd party tools/software (Google Gears).

    I do realize that this is the first release, and I’m looking forward to future releases.


  4. Awesome! Going to re-enable Google Gears and try this out now! Extremely useful! I would like to see a non-Google Gears version, but I’m not even sure why right now…if I think of a good reason, I’ll mention it :-)

  5. @Sauron
    That’s why I adore you guys… you keep us on our toes! ;) But yes, it was fast – Gears cut back significantly on development time.

    No worries, your vote for a non-Gears version counts, no need to think up a justification :)

  6. There is still a 32k size limit even in the offline version! Otherwise I like it very much, but what is the reason for this??

  7. Hi Tom,
    Yes there is. The offline version downloads a copy of your account, so it has the same characteristics as your online account does.

    Having divergent sizes would making synchronizing the two very hard. That may not seem like much of an issue now, but once we roll out the sync functions, it’ll become pretty important.

  8. Hello.
    If the online database changed how do we issue a refresh in the offline version ?

    Sorry if I missed something in the instructions.



  9. @Raz
    Until we get the version with synchronization released (it’s coming…), you can make a backup of your online data, and use restore to get it into your offline version.

    For even faster results, you can export your online data, then copy and paste it into your offline import tool. Only do this if you’re on a trusted computer.

    Let me know if you need more info.

  10. Yep, my vote for a USB drive compatible version…

    Of course with USB 3.0 on the horizon (release due early 2008) and ten times the speed of version, 2 we should almost be able to run a fully fledged OS from a USB drive


  11. @sciencebase
    ok, vote recorded :)

    On a fully fledged OS: yes, my bet is that’s where Google is heading – an online/offline OS, fully functioning, but lightweight enough to run on say… oh… the phantasmagorical Gphone?

    This is, of course, pure speculation on my part. But it would be really neat.

  12. What would help right now would be for wifi routers to be secure enough to allow casual use by passing “guests” so that those with open source mentalities could expand wifi availability now. As is, most networks you detect are locked.

  13. I’d really like a link inside the password manager to the offline version (a download link).

  14. @Vaida
    Good idea. I’ll see what we can do.


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  17. John Coldwell

    I run Win XP SP2, IE7 and Sun Java script. When I try to run the offline version it always comes up and says Java Script is required. For some reason Java is not started automatically when called. Any suggestions, please?

  18. Hi John,
    Careful – Java and JavaScript are two totally different things, just with unfortunately similar names.

    That said, it sounds like your offline version is acting as if you don’t have JavaScript activated. Are you able to use PassPack regularly on that same computer?

  19. Hi Tara, Sorry I was saving time in typing by just using the word Java. Yes, PassBack (online version) works great! No problem at all.

  20. OK, I solved it – I was trying to run it from within the zipped file! Working great now that I smartened up.

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  22. Does the offline version update/sync tags? When I change an entry’s tag online, then do a sync on the offline version, the tag doesn’t update to the new one, it stays as the old one.

    Am I doing something wrong or is this expected?

  23. @TB
    Sorry, I’m not really sure actually. I’m going to look into that and get back to you.

  24. daniromano

    @TB: No, for the time being tags are not synchronized. We did this to allow users a separate management of the information between the offline and the online versions.
    Example: if a user had 20 passwords in the offline version, 10 of which are also in the online version and he decided to use different tags between the two accounts, trying to align the tags would mess everything up. So for now, till we make the system “smarter” we prefer not to align the tags. Sorry if that created some confusion.

  25. @daniromano
    Gotcha, that makes sense, thanks.

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