See Your Password History

Ever changed a password in an entry, then wanted to go back and see what the old one was? Well… you can! Here’s a secret tip.

PassPack contains a few hidden little features, which we don’t publicize or document – but they’re there.

One of these little gems is the ability to see the password history for any given entry. It’s the sort of thing you don’t need to know until you need to know it. So here’s how:

Press the “a”h” key on your keyboard and hold it down while you click the scrambled password field in the entry window.

You’ll get an itty-bitty popup with the list of passwords that that entry has ever had.

Password History
That new password is much better,
it was probably made with the password generator.

You can select and copy anything you need to, delete it, or just click OK and the popup will disappear.

That’s it. Have fun.

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4 responses to “See Your Password History

  1. You sneaky, awesome people you… :-)

    Wouldn’t this history, if it’s never deleted, eventually affect the size of the account in a negative level?

  2. That’s tomorrow’s post…

    Who’s the sneaky one now? ;)

  3. thx

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