Purge your Password History

If you’re on or near your account limit, then you can try this little trick to optimize your pack and make that account stretch a little further.

PassPack is in continuous evolution. Often, we need to add in a feature, before we add in the interface to manage it. That’s where these little tricks come from – they’re new features in the embryonic stage.

Yesterday we looked at how to view your password history. This feature can be very useful, but as you can imagine, it will also make your Pack heavier.

So if you’re coming up short on storage space, or would just like to do a little cleaning up, here’s how to clear the history.

Directly in your password list, press the “a”h” key on your keyboard and hold it down while you click the heading “Pass”.

Where to Click to Purge Password History
Where to click to purge the password history

You’ll get a popup which will ask you to confirm your choice before proceeding, since it can’t be undone.

Purge Password History Confirmation

How much space this will save you depends on how many password changes you’ve actually made. For some people, this may be a lot. For others, perhaps not. Press OK to continue, or Cancel if you’ve changed your mind.

All done.

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