Import, Export, Print and More

This morning PassPack got a few updates and a couple of fixes. We’ve made import and export much more robust and adding a print feature. Also, you can now view your tags as a list.

Lots of updates to the Beta5 release today. Here’s a recap:

  • Password Plus import option
    Import from this custom CSV format
  • Export by tag
    Export all entries, or just some – use tags to choose which.
  • Print Entries
    Print a copy of all, or just some, of your entries. (under the Tools tab, Export option)
  • View Tag List
    Switch from tag cloud to tag list – your choice!

Also, I’d like to thank all of you for your feedback. You’re doing a fabulous job at helping us debug PassPack and iron out all the ticks.

In this release, we’ve covered a lot of ground and fixed a particularly cranky bugs that wasn’t due to a conversion issue from Beta3 to Beta5. User with an old account were able to sign in, but couldn’t save changes. If you ran into this problem – it’s now fixed.

As always – let me know what you think and any feedback!

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2 responses to “Import, Export, Print and More

  1. Giuseppe Macaluso

    Come sempre ottimo lavoro ed anche molto pratico !
    Suggerirei, per la versione export HTML stampabile, a fondo pagina, DATA
    ed ORA (per individuare, in caso di più copie, il periodo temporale di riferimento).
    Grazie per quello che ci offrite.

  2. Ottima idea!

    Giuseppe suggested that the date and time to be added to the bottom of the printed export page.

    My reply: excellent idea.

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